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Mono, lymphoma, or something else?

Hi! I'm a 15 year old girl in England. For months I've been having on-off bouts of being ill, with the same symptoms every time: mild fever, extreme fatigue, dizziness, and malaise. 2 weeks ago I got it really bad, then it went away for a couple days. Last Friday it returned, but with a sore throat; the feeling of something being stuck in my throat; difficulty breathing; and an enlarged lymph node on the right side of my neck. I couldn't breathe, which led to my mum calling an ambulance as of an asthma/panic attack at the same time. The lymph node is still there, it seems to be harder/bigger than when it first appeared - and is completely painless. I currently have the on-off fever, fatigue, a sore throat, and sometimes dizziness. About an hour ago I got a couple shooting pains in my neck, and also itchiness on my arms/legs which hasn't gone. I went to my doctor this morning, and she said it might be mono - but she's not sure due to the lymph being painless. I'm having to wait a couple more weeks to see how I go. But I'm in the midst of my GCSEs and have no energy to revise, as well as this giving me more stress.
Along with all this, I'm having to get a mole checked out soon because my doctor saw it this morning and said it looked irregular (brown, funny shape, red border)!!!
Can anyone calm my nerves? I'm worried.
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I tried measuring the swelling and it's about 2-2.5cm, in a rough ovalish shape. Whilst I was in the shower, I got this stiff feeling in my neck, which has radiated down the back of my neck - right side, to the back of my right ear, and down my shoulder into my right collarbone area. The pains occur when I move my head/my arm to a certain extent. Help?!
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