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Multiple Fainting episodes

Hello everyone,

I had my first fainting episode at 11 when I was in a crowded area, I felt my body go cold, and I started sweating. Slowly my vision started going out, until I could see anymore. I walked out of the room I was in, to ask where the nearest bathroom was while sounding like was going to vomit, I found it without seeing where I was going and I sat down and then it wen away. I didn't have another episode until I was 15. I had the same symptoms except I actually vomited. Then it happened again six months later, I didn't throw up, I actually fainted and was carried to the nurses office. When the paramedics go there 30 minutes later everything BP, Heart rate and pulse were normal. Happened multiple times after including after I worked out for about an hour straight. Two weeks ago I was playing basketball, when I was walking home, I felt my chest tighten and I couldn't breathe. I ended up fainting and was told I went still for a moment, color drained from my face, I was sweating a lot, and was cold to the touch. I had to get chest compressions and then I started breathing again. I felt lightheaded, and dizzy as well as cold a week later. I had an EP study on Monday was told everything was normal. I have gotten two MRI's when I was 15, and recently when I was 18. There has been nothing strange on them. I really want to know what is happening.
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Hi:  I had a doctor tell me years ago that "some folks are just fainters"  however, your other symptoms, (color draining from you, not breathing, etc.)  that would cause a moderate amount of concern if this were me.  Do you have a primary care doctor?  Does he/she know about these episodes?  The two things that come to mind (and granted, I am NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL) are cardiac and neurological.  I have fainted twice and both times, I was given a referral to both of these specialists.  

Heart issues can cause fainting, as well as neurological problems.  In me, it was the latter.  

Good luck.
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