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My eyes are weakening, but I don't know what's wrong?

Hello! I am female, 25, 5'0ft, 86lbs, and falling apart. Three years ago my eyes started to see double, and it was shown my natural eye position had changed. From then on it just got worse and worse to the point glasses weren't helping much. Some days I was fine, others worse. Then last June I was rushed off to the emergency room from the eye doctor because those symptoms were not normal and warranted a MRI(which I didn't receive that day.)

Other symptoms include dizzy spells/vertigo that can last days, and just general dizzy/light headedness nearly constantly, Brain fog(confusion where i forgot functions on the register or it takes me a while to read a sentence because my brain is just not absorbing the information), weak legs(I could be out of shape) ringing ears to the point I can't hear for a few seconds, fatigue, and still eye issues. (I am probably forgetting somethings)

I've been to an optometrist and they found nothing wrong, and my Mri showed nothing remarkable. My next trip is an ENT and then a neuro in November.

Does anyone know that this could be? It's making it hard to function normally, and would anyone suggest me seeing a neuro sooner? I have a number for a different Doctor, but I don't want to bother someone if i don't have too. What ever information anyone can give me would be a big help!

Thank you!
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Your symptoms do match MG, which can be caused by thymoma, you should do radiology tests to the chest too. (I am not a Doctor)

It is certainly matter for a Neurologist.

If all the tests turn out to be negative it's a good thing to start with. Stay calm, sometimes these neurological disorders can be triggered by some strains of influenza virus and can heal spontaneusly as well! Once Your immune system will adjust to it. Some Neurologists may suggest thymectomy which is Extreme but may relieve tour ailment.
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Hi Twiggie. I'm so sorry to read about your suffering.
You must rule out Myasthenia Gravis.
Your symptoms are consistent with MG class II or III.
It is a condition that can be difficult to diagnose, specially if symptoms were subtle at the time of examination or testing.
Have your Thymous gland checked for any possible enlargement or other abnormalities, since this could be one of the primary causative factors.
Best wishes,
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Thank you for taking the time to answer. That's what the optometrist was saying as well. The blood work came back negative, but they are still going to run tests for it. I'm just ready for an answer!
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