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My lower back has hurt a bit for a few days... and this morning it's bruised?

Incase this helps, I'm a thin, caucasian, Canadian girl.
I'm 17 and a half, I'm about 5'5'', and around 100lbs.
Generally speaking, I'm a fairly healthy individual.
In April I had one of those awful sore throats with very swollen lymph nodes and pustulating tonsils.
I was fatigued, had missed my period (and no, i'm not sexually active - people love to ask) and so after realizing that this wasn't going away on it's own, I popped in the walk-in clinic.
At first the doctor thought it was mono, but then she did a swab test and I was diagnosed with a bad case of Tonsillitis. I was perscribed some meds, and carried on with life.
I finished all the meds, but the expected period never showed up.
My last period had been on March 16th, and normally my cycle is fairly regular. Well April 14th came and went.
And May 13th passed by.

Finally I got my period yesterday, although the flow and cramping felt more like day 3 rather than day 1.
Today it felt more like day 1, though.

My gr12 drama class did our summative performance on friday and all went well, but my scene does involve being dropped on my butt once, and being "hit over the head" and falling forward.
I woke up Saturday morning with some lower back pain. It didn't hurt a lot, just enough to make it's presence known. It hurts more (internal pain) to touch it, but is by no means agonizing.

Yesterday my friend looked at my back and felt around the area a bit, but he said that it felt like something was a little swollen on the right side of my lower back (which is where it's been hurting). I thought that maybe I did something during the play on friday and the adrenaline kept me from noticing it.

I didn't sleep well last night - but I blame drinking coffee at 10pm.
Finally around 4:30 in the morning, I fell asleep.
And at 6:45, I got up for school.
But when I woke this morning, I poked the area that had been in pain, and it felt the same as the day before. Curious, I checked in the mirror. It was then that I saw a bruise. When I got to school I waited around until the afternoon to run into my friend, and I told him that it was there. He looked, and admitted he was both surprised and confused. He said it hadn't been there the day before.
He made the same observations that I did: It's not very big, and it hasn't gotten bigger over the last few hours. It hasn't gotten more or less painful. It still feels swollen in comparison to the other side, though.

Behold, this is the link to a photo of the strange little bruise that's got me confused.

I tried googling for answers but the only causes of lower back internal bleeding and bruising combined with some back pain is scary stuff like a ruptured appendix or spleen... I'm thinking that if I'd done something that horrible to my body then I'd be in considerably more pain than this, and I'm sure the bruising would have gotten much worse throughout the day.
None the less, I'm a little worried that I have no answers yet.

Please help?
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Oh, by the way I'm not and have never been on the pill or any allergy medications or any other daily medication of sorts.
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Thanks for writing to the forum!
What you have is probably a contusion or hematoma from falling on your lower back. Usually rest, cold compress and anti inflammatories and pain killers will take care of such bruises. It will spread a bit and also change color for a few days.
However since the lower back is involved please consult a doctor and get yourself examined.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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