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Need help neurological problems, fatigue, been to multiple doctors.

I've had multiple doctors visits, with varying results they ruled out the basic things like anemia and vitamin d efficiency and they did nerve conduction tests.

It started on my left side or thats what i noticed. my arms got tired first. after using them now first repetition they shake. It went from my arms to my legs. then to my neck and my torso. Now its in my chest muscles after I exercise. or hike i'm always cold. i get random jerks in my legs. and sometimes it hurts, I feel tired non stop
I have constant migraines on the right side of my head. Also random an without warning sometimes I have issues with bowel incontinence.

I'm so tired of feeling this way, I drop things at work, and i'm tired all the time, I have had a few inconclusive mri's done.. i'm suppose to go tomorrow to review my latest one. Any help or insight or someone with similar symptoms, I appreciate the help, thanks.
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It sounds like you have Lyme disease and/or coinfections such as Babesia, Bartonella. Mycoplasma, or similar- check out www.ilads.org for detailed information.  I can tell you that most docs aren't super familiar with Lyme and will pooh-pooh any notions - I was mis-diagnosed with ms for 24 years when it was in fact Lyme disease, and this was by some of the top neurologists in the country.  Don't bother with the Elisa blood test - virtually useless - find a Lyme-literate doctor through that website -
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The advice from Mtgirl43 is very good.
Before you go ahead in that direction, since it's a very complex and expensive proposition, I would suggest you rule out other simpler possibilities first.
For example:
-- B12 Methylocobalamin deficiency does not show on standard tests. Easy test: A trial of sublingual methylocobalamin sublingual drops for 1-2 months.
I would also add methylfolate, as a trial to also cover hypomethylation which is dependent on these two
neurological forms of B12 and folate.
People who have the MTHFR gene mutations are at higher risk for low methylation.
--Candida infection. You can do on your own the "Candida Spit test" as a screen.
The self-treatment is simple, however the medical diagnosis is not, since it can be easily missed.
Candida is cell-wall deficient and it can evade detection by most tests, as it can hide deep within the tissues.
-- Low cholesterol levels leading to myelination issues, affecting greatly the nervous system  and hormone synthesis.
I'd say anything below 160 mg/dl should be addressed.
--Another thing to be considered is Vitamin D Resistance
cased by:
1. Low cholesterol
2 Obesity
3. Vitamin D Resistance Polymorphism (genetic)
If any of these above factors are present, your current "normal" levels might be inadequate and you would need much higher levels of D3 for proper function.

I hope this helps.

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I think you should see a Neuroligist as soon as possible.
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How were you finally diagnosed with Lyme disease after 24 years??
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