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by 1skidoo1, 22 hours ago
Tags: Pain, Headaches, stomach pain, months, pelvic, gallbladder
I have a 11 yr old daughter that suffers from headachs and stomach pains for a month now she has had a lower/GI ultral sound done on her gallbladder blood work for the thyroid and a scope which found a little irratition in the lining of her stomach she was on prilosec zantac and tums which has not helped only made the pain worse, we are doing a HIDA study if nothing shows then a pelvic exam I have heard of a membrane that wraps around the cervics what is this condition called
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how long has the pain been in existence[duration],... for each symptom that there is listed ...intensity[what triggers-if anything at all],... there are several 'membranes' that are located in the thoracic cavity, i would focus on one 'issue' then try to tie other s/s that your daughter is currently experiencing, has she started her menses as of yet[period]..if so, is it regular, does she exhibit pms like symptoms? pms symptoms can coinside with headaches, stomach pain[generalized], can affect digestion, i would suggest a MRI of the thoracic cavity, MRI's are great diagnostic tools in that they can 'show' vascularity, masses, and start keeping a 'diary' along with your child, do the 'diary' separately from each other, and do not compare notes...you might find the answers after a 'good solid month' of separate journaling,compare after one month of daily journaling...see what happens, please keep me posted!!!
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Stool sample and CT scan next they think this might be a ball ubstuctuon?
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