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Never Thirsty- Yet Dehydrated?

I am literally never thirsty. The most I drink in a day is maybe a glass or two, and usually it's only due to wanting something cold or some specific taste. I do not drink soft drinks or coffee or tea. Only juice, skim milk or water. I have always had this problem, yet recently it has gotten worse. I keep getting sick, and every time I go to the doctor, I'm told I'm dehydrated. Urine is always dark yellow, etc. The only significant way for me to tell that I need something to drink is occasionally my stomach will start to feel sick.
This seems like a simple solution. Drink more water, right?
However, if I drink anything when on an empty stomach, I get so sick that I nearly throw up, or actually do. The only way for me to drink anything without getting sick from it is to eat the same amount to "hold it down".
I can't continuously eat simply to keep myself hydrated, nor can I just drink when not hungry, because it'll just come right back up anyways.
So pretty much, it's be sick, or be sick.
What should I do? This certainly can't be normal, can it? I've never met another person with the same problem, and it's driving me insane.
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You probably have a bad acid reflux. Take omeprazole empty stomach in the morning and see if it helps. During the day do not go for bulk drinking of water. Whenever you eat, take sips of water after that. Take sips of water in between meals. Get your serum electrolytes tested. Usually very high sodium in blood is associated with no thirst. Not taking enough water can increase sodium in blood which can decrease thirst and again with lesser water intake the sodium builds up. To break this cycle you need to be sipping fluids in between—avoid gulping down a glass. Adrenal gland problems and medications like diuretics are the other causes.
Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care!
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Actually, high levels of sodium are usually associated with dehydration, because the decrease in water causes the sodium to be more concentrated in your blood. The osmoreceptors in your body detects this and then stimulates hormone secretion that causes you to feel thirsty, and also causes your kidneys to start retaining fluid. This is why your urine is a dark concentrated colour.

Yes the solution is simple - you do need to drink more, but like the doctor says, try sipping it gradually instead of shocking your stomach with large volumes of cold water.

It would be wise to get a blood test and a urine test aswell. A normal person would generally feel thirsty in this situation, but some people feel hungry instead of the classic thirst/dry mouth type feeling - so when you feel hungry, have something to eat but make sure you get your fluids in too. Its just a matter of learning what your body is actually trying to tell you.

Hope you feel better soon :)

- Katie, Registered Nurse.
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I fully agree with what has already been said.  In addition, I have a suggestion that may sound wierd, and I'm not sure your doctor would agree to let you do it: get IV fluids regularly.  You may need to do this in a hospital or Dr's office.  However I do know of people who have been trained on how to safely give themselves IV fluids at home.  You wouldn't even have to find a vein and poke yourself because a catheter would be inserted, taped down, and capped off.  All you would do is insert the fluid line when you need to be hydrated without getting sick.  Not sure if this would be a good option for you, but just thought I would put it out there for you to consider. - Blu
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Getting IV fluids would be a bit extreme - you'd have to go to a hospital or clinic to do it, and they'd have to insert a new cannula every time, because you can't go home with one unless they insert a long term central line.

Try asking your doctor for something for reflux first, because it sounds like you may have a stomach ulcer or reflux. And try sipping fluids gradually and having it with small amounts of food.
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