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Never experienced this before and wondering what it was.

I woke up yesterday and I felt fine besides a small headache and stomach ache. I didn't eat anything because I didn't feel good enough to eat, which I usually don't do. The day went on and I kept getting hot flashes and I would start sweating but it would stop after a few minutes. Then a few hours later my hands started to shake and my head started to hurt worse. At this point I thought it was dehrydration so I drank like 2 cups of water and sat down. A few minutes pass and I get really dizzy and hot. I stand up to go to the bathroom and started to see stars and then my vision went completely black and my ears were ringing. I did make it to the bathroom and felt like I was going to get sick so I sat down on the edge of the tub. I never ended up throwing up but when I sat down I lost my breath and I sat there like 5 minutes with my vision blacked out not able to breath. I put my hands on my knees and was going in and out of blacking out. It sounded like an asthma attack but I don't have asthma or anything like that and I've never experienced anything like this. I was sweating so much and like every inch of body was. My whole body was shaking, and all the color left my face.My boyfriend came in the bathroom and saw what was going on and sat down with me trying to calm me down. It worked and I eventually caught my breath and was able to stand up. After that happened my head was throbbing for hours after and I felt really tired. I ate a banana and drank more water and then had dinner and everything seemed okay. But I was just wondering what this could of been. It was absolutely terrifying.
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It could be anxiety or panic attack.  Idk your age but maybe hormone related. Hope you're doing better today.
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It seems like dehydration and maybe not eating on a set schedule.. but also sounds like a panic attack maybe.. I would drink lots of water put a damp cold cloth and rest on your head to bring down the hot flashes and try to relax as much as you can but drink plenty of water if you feel too nauseated to eat. And if you still feel like that I would go to a doctor to get checked.. you could have a slight flue. but I hope everything is alright, best of luck.
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     hi    Lmariee8,            

  i know someone had  diabetes
  he would et that way when his suger was to low you should go to your doctor  and get checked out
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