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For 2 years I have experienced the same symptoms on and off. I have tingling/vibrations burning sensation on legs and arms and my hands. Recently I have began to feel a weird tingling in the back of my head. Today I have some pain in like the muscles of my eye I want to say. Even the basic things seem difficult for me to do now like food shopping or walking a lot will cause me to feel extremely fatigue and my legs very weak. Saw neuro and head MRI came nornal. But these symptoms have persisted on and off for 2 years. Overall I am healthy, I work out, and ever since I experienced the first symptom it's went downhill from there. I also feel muscle twitches through out body but they leave as quickly as they begin.
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I would ask for a complete nutritional panel to rule out deficiencies, but beware of some gaps in testing.

i.e. Methylocobalamin , is the bio-available and neurological form of B12, which does not show up in blood tests.
So, normal  or even high levels of b12, would not rule out a methylocobalamin deficiency!
You need an MMA test for this.
Magnesium levels in blood tests are usually normal for most, as it rarely varies.
98.5-99% of the magnesium is in the tissues!

Personally, I would favor a trial of methylocobalamin, D3
and transdermal magnesium, instead of testing, since many tests are flawed, inadequate and their negative/false results may lead to other fruitless investigations.
I hope this helps.

Thank you
Does the RBC test count to rule out magnesium deficienies?
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Hello~Your symptoms sound like they could be coming from pinched nerves in your spinal column or lower neck. I suggest seeing a chiropractor. He/she will take some x-rays, they will show what areas need attention. You may start feeling better after a couple of treatments.

Also, have you been tested for MS, this can also have the symptoms you are describing.
X-rays do not show pinched nerves.
For that you need an EMG.
MS is one of the most complicated
and lengthy diagnoses and that's why I suggested to rule out deficiencies, specially in light of the normal MRI results.
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The twitches can be a sign of low Magnesium.  This will only show in a routine blood test if your extremely low because only 1 percent is in the blood stream you could try some magnesium oxide 400 one in a.m. and one in the p.m. the only side effect of too much magnesium is loose stool if this happens then just lower your dosage.  Also you may want to try one cup of Epsom salt in your bath water this helps with muscle fatigue.  Hope your feeling better soon.
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No, you need to test tissue magnesium, which does not show on blood tests.
Unfortunately,this is not within conventional medicine protocols ( too many
health issues have to do with low tissue magnesium levels - a fairly easy and inexpensive and safe fix like transdermal magnesium oil treatments.
This takes away the financial incentive for the pharmacomedical system to
consider it.
I would do a one month transdermal magnesium oil trial-every other day,
in lieu of testing. No laxative issues, as the magnesium goes straight into the cells through the skin.
Hope this helps,
Thank you Niko. I have purchased the magnesium oil and will see if this helps. Thanks!!
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