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No one knows what's wrong with my daughter...

My daughter is 18 years old when I heard her yelling for me from the bathroom.  When I got to her, she was struggling to get.up.  I asked her what happened and she said she couldn't see me. I quickly brought her in her bedroom and asked her if she still couldn't see me.  She said her vision was getting better but she had blacked out and thought she had been out for a couple of hours.  Since then she has constant headaches in her frontal lobe, gets  dizzy spells before blacking out.  She still has severe stomach pains which she describes as someone twisting a knife right under the sternum..She has every test under the sun and they still can't find anything wrong with her.  She has compete blood work, MRI's,Cat scans, EKG, EEG, EEG 48 hour inpatient, heart work up which included 2 plus weeks outpatient monitoring physical and mental evaluations.  I'm at ends wit about this and I'm fearing for her health and future.  She also suffers from sever body twitching followed by teeth  snapping "I can't describe the teeth snapping but she's not grinding them:.   She also suffers something which she doesn't like to be touched without permission. If you touch her without her knowing you.'re going to,she will jump and back up like you just put a spider on her shoulder. I don't know if the twitching and the "not liking to be touched is related. Just thought would throw it in..
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Look into a couple of rarely diagnosed Vascular Compression Syndromes of the Abdomen that occur right below the sternum. MALS (Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome) and the Nutcracker Syndrome (Renal Vein Compression) could possibly cause the symptoms that your daughter is having. Very few doctors know of these conditions and the many problems that they can cause. Check out some of these groups on Facebook as well. Hope you find some answers soon.
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What kind of doctors have you seen so far? She had all those tests, but were they at the request of a specialist?
cardiologists, "headaches" neurologists, "dizziness, light headed, black outs" gerontologists, "stomach pain",
cardiologists, "headaches" neurologists, "dizziness, light headed, black outs" gerontologists, "stomach pain",
Not trying to scare you... has anything else happened? Like has her handwriting changed? Coordination issues? Voice sounds lower? What is her personality like? Had she had anxiety issues prior? Does she have skin problems? Anything hormonal issues? Was she completely healthy prior to all of this?
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