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Oxycodone weight gain

I started taking OC's about 2 yrs ago- prescribed by my Dr.- due to severe pain from what I know now is degenerative disc disease. He started me on 5 mg and now, I am at 30 mg- 4-5x/day.
I started off at about 140 lbs- which is big for me! I have always been 108-115 my whole life- even at 38!
I am currently over 180 lbs and want to die!! Yes, I am in pain and it keeps me from the gym. Yes, I am depressed. Yes, I eat crap when I'm sad......but recently, I got my *** back to the gym, started eating really clean, etc....and I am still gaining!
Like anyone else in my situation, if I wean off the OC, I won't be able to move! There is NO surgery or treatment for DDD. I've had the PT, the injections/epidurals.....nothing helps and very often, it's accompanied by sciatica! UGH!
I also suffer from severe anxiety and the thought of not having my pills causes panic. But I hate my life, my body, everything. I desperately want to be pain free and off these meds!
Can anyone help?
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   I also have DDD and DJD.  Currently I have no discs left.  I am not taking meds.  My orthopedist asked me how it was that I am walking upright without a cane or walker.  She was surprised to learn that I am taking supplements and doing better than her other patients.  
    Essiac is a tea - but I take it in capsule form and I also take MSM.   I can't do without these two - take them everyday.  They are also helping my Fibromyalgia -  But I need Magnesium
Glycinate for that as well.
     I  order Essiac from Health Center for Better Living (HCBL) as it's a good quality and cost effective. (I'm on a fixed income).
At first I took one three times a day - but it builds up and now I only take one a day.
    MSM usually comes with condroitin, but research shows that condroitin doesn't do very much.  It's the MSM that works on arthritis type pain.
     Others are going to tell you to keep taking the OC and the drugs the doctor gives you to get well.... I didn't and I get out knocking on doors (I'm Jehovah's Witness) and walking up and down the streets.

     I hope this information is helpful.  Take care.
Wishing you the best.
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Wow! That's amazing!!! I would be willing to try ANYTHING! But now, my body is addicted to the opiates. I have chronic anxiety and the thought of weaning off them panics me!! Can I take these supplements ALONG with my pain meds? If they help, I'll need less and eventually wean off.
Thank you for your reply!!
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     Try talking to your doctor about weaning off the oc.  I have a friend who weaned off it recently and is doing okay without it.  She still has some pain, but is off the oc.

      The supplements do not have side effects  - but I would be careful to take perhaps one a week as you slowly wean off the oc then one every other day, etc.  

     I do not recommend trying to wean yourself off the oc without the help of a doctor.  
Atavan would help with the anxiety.  

   Wishing you the best.
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