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PLEASE HELP! Bladder / Urethra Problems

Forgive me if this post is lengthy, but I am getting worried and desperate, and don’t want to resort to the option I’ve been presented today.

Just as a bit of back story, and so as to not accidentally omit some information that may or may not be important, let me preface this by saying that I am not sexually active, I usually masturbate once a week, every now and then twice in one week and no more, and occasionally less than once a week. I am a 22 year old male, 5’6” and weight about 109lbs.

May 2018: Masturbate one day, experience common symptoms of fatigue, lack of interest, a bit of abdominal tightness / discomfort. Wake up with burning sensation while urinating, constant urge to go, weak pee stream, dribbling. Take urine test, no infection and no STI’s. Drink D-Mannose powder and eat healthy for good measure. Issue resolved in two days and never comes back

9/12/18: Masturbate once in the afternoon, take a half a Benadryl tablet before I go to bed to help me breathe (I have taken full tablets in the past with no problem), wake up with no problems.

9/13/18: take another half a Benadryl before I go to sleep, wake up around 1AM to urinate like I normally have to do once every night, notice it takes a few extra seconds to start going, more of a dribble at the end. Go lay down again, start feeling sick, dry heave, nothing comes out, panic, eventually calm myself down and go back to sleep.

9/14/18: Wake up feeling okay but not quite right still, go to work, come home, eat lunch, go to take a nap, feel a poking/ discomfort feeling in my upper abdomen, doubt it’s constipation, go to the ER, on my way there throw up my food. Doctor examines my stomach and abdomen, no problems. CBC test comes back fine, urine test comes back fine. Prescribed me Ondansetron/Zofran in case I feel sick to my stomach again. Go home, start researching the issue further, begin to think maybe I poisoned my liver or gave myself pancreatitis from taking 5000 IU vitamin D enhanced with coconut oil, and 100mg of DHEA for the past 17 days. That’s the last time I take those.

9/15/18: Wake up, upper abdomen pain gone, never returns, also decide to cut out dairy in suspicion that I have an allergy from inflamed sinus and mucus in my throat, don’t have much to eat.

9/16/18: wake up, realize I haven’t produced a bowel movement since 9/14/18 morning, but I figure it’s because I hadn’t had much to eat the past two days. Feel the urge to go, it’s too hard to push out, likely Zofran constipated me. Start miralax.

9/17/18: take miralax for a second day, have bowel movements at this point, decide to stop taking it at this point. Took this Monday off from work

9/18/18: return to work, do some heavy lifting, it affects my lower back, come home and by the evening realize I have sharp, not exactly painful, but very noticeable and uncomfortable sharpness in what I believe to be my urethra. Prostate area feels enlarged / inflamed / sore. Very occasional random and mild testicular pain. Lower abdomen discomfort.

9/19/18: very early in the morning check myself into the ER again for the reasons previously described, in combination with my worry and anxiety and panic. They give me another urine test which came back fine again, and reveal to me that the last time I was there the tests they ran showed that my liver and kidneys are in good health. This doctor examines my penis and testicles and concludes they are fine. Have an appointment with my normal doctor in the afternoon, I get a CT scan on my lower abdomen and pelvis done.

9/20/18: CT scan comes back fine, still a little worried since to my understanding an MRI would better reveal soft tissue like the prostate. Still have the sharpness and uncomfortable feeling in my lower abdomen and prostate area. Going to urinate fine multiple times during this day and previous days.

9/21/18: wake up, urinate, notice it’s slightly a degraded stream, don’t think a lot about it. Start drinking a green smoothie, have some water, an hour or two passes, still no urge to urinate even though I had to go often and a lot on previous days. Message my doctor and he refers me to Urologist so I set up an appointment, also have an appointment with another doctor later this today to further discuss the issue as well as looking to treat the mass anxiety I’ve endured worrying about the health issue. I start fearing how long it will take to have to go, so I fill up a 27 ml water bottle and drive to the ER again, but I just walk around the perimeter for about an hour drinking water to see it I’ll eventually be able to go or if I start feeling worse so I’ll be there in case of emergency. End up being able to go and the stream is fine. Appointment with new doctor in the afternoon I have her prescribe me klonopin for my anxiety, and have her order a testosterone test. Thinking I may still be constipated, I start taking miralax again.

9/22/18: Wake up, feeling better than the previous days, go get my testosterone test, which comes back within the average range, but on the lower end of the spectrum. Even feel like I notice urethra sharpness subsiding. Take miralax for a second day. Decide to masturbate for the first time in 9 days just to see if everything works okay, since I was experiencing some erectile dysfunction a few days prior. That goes fine. Feel that slight fatigue as usual after masturbating.

9/23/18: take miralax again. it either returned the previous night and didn’t notice, but the sharpness in my urethra definitely became present again on this day. Hoping it will go away. Still urinating seemingly normally.

9/24/18: Wake up, urinate a decent amount, decide to go to the Urologist appointment for good measure. Nurse puts gel on my stomach and uses a machine to measure the fluid in my bladder. She says it’s 115ml, I ask if it’s normal and she says you usually want to be under 250ml. After my first urination in the morning, I had water mixed with paleo protein, as well as a few sips of some regular water. Have two nervous urges to urinate before trip to the doctor, so I go but not much and the stream is weak and dribbly. While I’m there before I go in for my appointment I do the same thing for a 3rd time, not much urin and there is dribble. I describe the past week of events to the Urologist, and he believes I may have scar tissue in my urethra, which they often don’t even discover where it came from. Wants to have a cystoscope put my urethra and if there is a structure / scar tissue, then surgically correct / remove it, which I fear all of those procedures could risk causing more problems. I tell him I want to wait a few days and see how I’m feeling, since my urin stream is good when I actually have the urge to go, just the sharpness remains, and a little lower abdomen discomfort. Took my first klonopin today just from all of the fear that information the doctor gave to me. Having that procedure would be the most scary and serious procedure I’ve ever had, and want to do any and everything to prevent it. Is this just a waiting game to see if the sharpness in my urethra eventually goes away, or gets worse or my urination gets worse? Since the sharpness has been generally present for the past 7 days, and it hasn’t seemed to have gotten worse, and I’ve been peeing seemingly normal this entire time, what else can I do? The worst feeling is feeling like I can’t do anything to help myself. Could something else be going on that could be causing this? Any way to remedy it that I may have overlooked? Please help me.
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Try omega 3. This helps reduce inflammation. Also try magnesium. As I well know this mineral is needed for proper bladder function.  The bonus is magnesium is also known as the anti anxiety mineral. Look for magnesium ending in "ate" eg: citrate, chelate. Magnesium oxide is poorly absorbed.
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