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PLEASE HELP PAIN (reflux , sharp pains, insomnia)

I have serious reflux but I don't think this has anything to do with the pain I get when eating certain foods.

My mum made me mincemeat and I got really bad reflux apart from that I receive sharp pains all around my body and they are concentrated ( meaning they can form tiny bumps) sometimes the sharp needle like pains hit my freaking eye.

This happens when I have milk, prune juice, lollies, orange juice etc

Apart from this I get really bad insomnia when eating these foods. and my reflex explodes.

I also have mild cyrtios ( with no iron deficiency, but my doctor says it's due to reflux)

Can you guys help, any of you have my symptoms :(

WHy am I getting these sharp pains? Iv'e lost to much weight! All I can have is carrot juice and salad wraps!! I hate it so much. I have wept to long please help.
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Have same problem
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     I suffer from reflux and GERD.

     You can try taking enzymes before you eat and Acidolphilus first thing in the morning before breakfast.  You might need to take the enzymes again after eating, but it should help.  Sometimes I have to take enzymes right before going to bed...
     Ask at the drug store for the enzymes.  Get a big bottle - you might need to use them for a couple of months.  
     Wishing you the best.
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What kind of enzymes?
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    You can buy some Ultra-Zyme from the health food store or Gluten Cutter from Walmart.  Either one can give you enough enzymes to help you digest your food.
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I have the Acid Reflux and Pantoprazole (prescription) has helped me tremendously (also have Hiatal Hernia). It also sounds like U have Lactose Intolerance.  Either cutting down the amount U consume of a dairy product or switch to the many Lactose Intolerant substitutions (esp. available for milk substituion. I can only tolerate eggs once in a great while (twice in a week causes camping) and unfortunately cannot tolerate orange juice. Nevr had a roblem with ice cream efore until recently when I ate much more than usual to finish the carton.  Hope these ideas help. (Chocolate can cause upsetting sleep). Experiment - keeping track of what causes nausea, reflux or stomach problems and see if cuting down or cutting outis the answer.
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