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Pain Below Ribs in Back (Right Side)

For about 2 weeks I've had this strange pain just below my ribs (just below!) in my back. It's on the right side very close to my side. It doesn't really hurt with daily activity, just a funky stiffish (almost like I'm just aware of the pain.), but when I stretch, I get a really weird feeling. Not like the usual feeling when stretching a muscle but a pinchingish sensation. The best way I can describe it is there is a plate in my back, and when I stretch it's about to shatter. The pain has sorta moved, but stayed in the general area beneath my ribs on my right side. There is no bruising or swelling, although it is painful to touch. I would consider myself fairly healthy. Mostly eating fresh foods and exercising regularly. I'm a 5' 6", 140 lb. young woman. I sleep with a heating pad that seems to help a little. Please help! THANKS!!

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I have back pain to for a long time got a back brace thats not working so what do i do
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The type of pain that you describe can be your kidney.

Urinate into a clean clear glass jar and look at your urine and also smell it.
If it is dark this may indicate blood or dehydration; cloudy urine can indicate an infection; a strong smelling urine may also indicate an infection.

Don't assume that it is from your back, it may be, but it does sound very much like a kidney issue.

Book an appointment to see your doctor and get a urine sample checked out.  The best sample to take is the first one in the morning when you take a mid stream sample.  Pee into the toilet pan first and then collect the next bit of pee into a clean container and finish off peeing into the toilet pan.  Preferable to have a wash if you can manage it first.  If you are near your menstrual cycle, be aware that the urine sample can be contaminated with blood from the bleeding from the womb, so do tell your doctor if you are nearing a period.  The urine analysis test will pick up any infections.

In the meantime, make sure that you drink plenty of fluids and especially water.  You should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, unless told differently by your doctor or urologist.

I have experienced a similar a problem for a few weeks before Xmas on my left side - and it was a kidney infection.  It does not necessarily mean it is your kidney that has problem, but it is always best to get it checked out.

Let me know how you get on.

With regard to your back brace with it not helping, you should discuss that with your doctor so that he can refer you to the right people to help you.  
Some doctors don't like to discuss more than 1 problem at an appointment, so you may need to make 2 appointments - one to discuss you right side pain and another appointment with regard to your back and brace problem.

Best wishes.
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