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Pain behind right eye and temple

I have been having pain behind my right eye and temple. It hurts to touch the temple as well. I noticed tonight that there is a protruding blue vein above my eyebrow that leads to temple. I have never noticed it before and It is painful to touch. Should I be concerned. I have also noticed lately that I have a hard time keeping my train of thought and forget what I’m saying in the middle of a conversation. I’m only 30.
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Keep a pain journal. Make your own pain scale-1 through 5 for example. When it is worse what time of day is it. When it is better what time of day is it. When it is worse what did you just do or are you doing? When it is better what did you just do or are you doing? Do certain positions-sitting standing lieing down bending over-make it worse or better-record the positions time of day and level of intensity. If you do not own a blood pressure monitor routinely stop at the free blood pressure machine at Walmart or other pharmacies and record the readings and your activity levels at that time.  Record your meal times and type of food. Try reducing salt and see if that helps. Surround yourself with silence for part of each day-not really meditation so much as withdrawal from stimulation.

ps if your upper arm is too large for the store cuff just insert your forearm so that the cuff is around the widest part of your forearm but below the elbow joint. My readings remain accurate when I do this.
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