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Pain in head

I have a persistant dull ache/pain feeling (just enough to know that something is there) on the left front side of my head, sometimes i get a sharp shooting pain for a couple of seconds on the right side then it dissapears. Over the past few days i've also felt like the left side of my head is "numb" almost like i cant feel it. I have an appointment for a GP soon. Can anyone shed any light on what could be causing these symptoms?
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I forgot to add i'm making more mistakes typing than usual (having to correct things) and sometimes i lose balance (rarely) i'm 22.
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I am sorry for the delay in reply. I am not sure how I missed the post. I apologize.

Headache followed by numbness and loss of balance and typing error could be due to migraine, tumors of the brain, transient ischemic attacks (where temporarily blood supply to brain is stopped, which may later lead to stroke), tension headache, chronic sinusitis affecting internal ear pressure too etc. It could also be due to

However it is difficult to diagnose without examining. So please consult your doctor.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else. Please keep me posted.
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Hi, have you found anything out. I have had the "numb" feeling all over inside my head for about 2 years. This happened to me after a car accident I had. I also have constent sharp shooting pain in my head. I also have constint pressure and pain in my head and it wont go away. I seen tons of Dr.s and all they say its all in my head. Let me know what tests you have taken or what your Drs. say.
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