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Pain ranging from lower back to upper thigh

20yo female who randomly got a thick numbing pain ranging from lower back to upper thighs yesterday early morning. Had to lay down for most of the day as it was extremely painful to walk, bend over, or pick anything up. When I walked it was very painful around the hip area. Tried sitting down during the day but the pressure was still really strong. Pain only seemed to be relieved toward the end of the night after applying ice and heat packs and taking Ibuprofen the whole day.

Today I've woke up feeling a numbing pain in the area and couldn't get out of bed for a while, as the pressure's been too much when standing. I've managed to get downstairs but have had to grip onto anything I could to get there and my legs were shaking most of the way. Pain seems to be possibly worse today than yesterday and I'm not sure what to do.

Yesterday, someone suggested that it may be sciatica, but I'm unsure as I'm feeling the pain on both the left and right side of my body. Do you think this might be correct or does anyone have any other suggestions as to what it may be? Would love some answers on how to relieve the pain if possible

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That sounds terrible!  I think you need to be seen right away by a doctor. The pain is more than a little and causing you not to be able to move around or do your normal life.  I have been hurt at times but know exactly why.  I treat the injury. You don't know why this is happening.  You may have a nerve impingement (which is what sciatica is but nerve impingements can happen elsewhere as well.  And sciatica is often due to an issue with the spine and discs and that is the reason the nerve gets compressed.  It's indeed painful). What happens if you try some stretching? That is often what helps sciatica (which I've had).  Here's info on sciatica https://www.webmd.com/back-pain/guide/sciatica-symptoms.  

I really think you need to be seen by a doctor.  Is there anyone that can take you?  
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