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Palpitations and Tremors

I'm 23 years old male , It all started in April of this year , I experienced hot flush followed by rapid rise in heartbeat (palpitations) and then chills in the body. After couple of days evrything was fine and I was back to my normal routine.
In July I was at work and started experiencing severe palpitations , internal shakiness and rapid heartbeat(over 150).
I immediately called 911 and went to ER , they diagnosed it as PSVT my heart beat was 147 bpm, bp 125/85. Doctors did all blood work, chest Xray. they found my tsh low 0.02 and also ft4 levels were messed up and hence they diagnosed it as Hyperthyriodism (Thyrioditis) and prescribed me propranolol 10mg thrice a day.

I even went for a nuclear scan, which also came out abnormal as a result of inflammation of thyriod glands.
My recent blood work report is normal FT4 is within the limits and TSH is 0.08.

I felt better in a week or so and was back on track. just after couple of days (still on 3 propranolols a day ) I started experiencing this severe internal tremors and palpitations again. I feel shaking and trembling internally, as if motor is running inside my body. When I sit cross leg I can see the other feet shaking, It's very weird and scary feeling and I have been experiencing all these from past 2 months now. I've had two episodes where I felt very weak and fatigued in the morning after waking up and during middle of night while urinating.

My doctor doesn't seem very concerned and think it's anxiety but I guess it's much more than that. As I am writing this, I can feel my heart beating inside my body and I always feel bounding pulse on my neck which scares me much much more.
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Thank you so so much for the reply. my endo did send me for a Uptake scan which says that it's a thyrioditis.

My endo from my recent bloodwork said that my FT4 levels are within the limits and Thryiod is coming back normal, she don't actually understand what I am going through at this moment. I just started school again and It's really hard to sit and focus when your heart is beating our of your body.

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Hi Obi_mickey.

You need to find a good endocrinologist to help you regulate your thyroid function properly, by doing all the necessary testing to identify the cause of your hyperthyroidism, & test your free T3 levels. and to treat you accordingly.
Propanolols are only dealing with the PSVT, which BTW  is not clear if it is a feature of hyperthyroidism. TSH abnormalities are prevalent in SVTs, yet
undetermined in PSVTs according to medical research, as further  larger studies are needed.
My opinion is regardless of the current "medical" understanding on this,
your doctors should consider this possibility (your hyperthyroidism being the cause and PSVT the consequence)
Communication between the Endo and the Cardiologist is vital.

I hope this helps, however, my suggestions and comments are not intended as a replacement for medical advice.

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