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Please Help with lightheadedness and heart results

I have been suffering extreme fatigue, lightheadedness episodes of Presyncope chest pain and breathlessness over the past few months.  I have had various tests and cardio scan without any explaination.  I have had two previous ablations for Wolfe parkinson white and have been given the all clear.  Last one 2 years ago.  I am 35 year old female and previous to the above syptoms fit and healthy.  I have an oximeter at home and find my heart rate drops to 47 bpm at times of resting usually accompanied by lightheadedness. And has also dropped to 50 bpm whilst walking?
A 2 week monitor says variable hr between 50 - 100 all normal. Haven't seen detailed results.  I had a 24 hour tape back in March when not experiencing major symptoms like now comments

Predominantly sinus rhythm with frequent episodes of narrow complex tachycardia
These episodes appear to be sinus tachycardia but with occasional sudden offset
Opted change in p wave amplitude and morphology
Isolated episodes of sinus bradycardia - mostly nocturnal - slowest 35bpm at 04.04 lasting 6 beats (1minhr 54)
Low frequency ve's

My echo scan summary reads as below .all normal any ideas as to where to go from here as I am really struggling.

Challenging study but overall appears normal
Significant reverberation artefact
Normal cardiac connections
There is dyskinesia of the apical septum -? Due to conduction delay
LV systolic function is preserved and there is normal diastolic function
Mild MR with thickening of the posterior mitral value anulus
Right heart appears normal
IVC normally sized and fully collapsing

Does this all seem normal or is there anything that would suggest a reason for my symptoms.  I've always been a very positive upbeat full of energy person and am really struggling with days of dizziness lightheaded and Presyncope spells at various times sometimes whilst sitting even lying down,

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Please can someone help.
Thanks in advance.

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I'm very sorry to hear of your symptoms at such a young age.  You might get more help in the Heart Disease forum on this web site, however I'll start you off here.

I hope you are seeing a cardiologist for this and he/she is following you very closely.  You don't mention if you have an internal defibrillator or what medications you are on.

Is your cardiologist aware of the fact that you are struggling with this like you are?  There might be other alternatives.  Have you thought about a 2nd opinion with a different cardiologist?
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Hi thanks for your reply I'm new to this site and can't seem to post on the heart forum.  I am under a cardiologist however saw a different one who said all test came back fine he has booked a tilt table and stress test as I pushed for answers.

Not on any meds or anything at moment.  The reason for my post is to see if I could find a second opinion on here.  

When you say alternative what would you suggest?

Thanks again any advice is very much appreciated either to get a second opinion or reassure the test mentioned are not related to my symptoms.  
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