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Please help! Undiagnosed chest and right side back rib pain.

I’m a 38 yr old female and I’ve had these pains in my right side just below my ribs more at the back for about 4 years now. I also have chest pains but more like severe heartburn feeling and pressure in centre and right side. At first my pain would come for a few days and be gone for a couple months, now pains last longer right now on 3 months of pain. I rarely can not feel it at all. But does get stronger at times, I first thought it was after eating which does happen a lot but recently even if I only have a coffee it will come on strong. Also been getting some neck and shoulder pains but not always. Over the last couple days when pains get stronger usually in the evening It feels as those something is contracting or like a strong pulsing in right side back right under the ribs, I can feel this in front of ribs as well but mostly right side and back. I have had upper endoscopy last month and everything was normal. I had a CT about 3 years ago also normal. I had chest X-ray, normal. I had a HIDA scan 3 years ago which was normal as well. I did have hyplori about a year ago but is now gone. Doc doesn’t think this is related but I have Hematuria for years now and a lot of UTI’s. This has really started to affect my life, I’m always in pain and I feel like when I go to doctor I’m just dismissed like it’s all in my head. I know something is wrong but no one will listen.
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Check upper back spine .
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Thank you
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Kidney and/or gallbladder?  


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Than you
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When was your last physical? It could be related to your gall bladder or indigestion/acid reflux. A gastroenterologist might be a good option.
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I had HIDA scan when  pain first started yrs ago but now wondering if something could have been missed.
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Costochondritis? Thats what they say my chronic back and rib pain are... makes me short of breath too, heat packs help the swelling though!
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