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Pressure/headache in right temple

So, the past three days I've had some weird pressure in just my right temple. Sometimes the top of my right cheekbone feels tender, sometimes it aches above my eye, but mostly it's just off-and-on pressure in my temple. A couple of times (at least twice, anyway) when I've put my fingers to my temple, I can feel it "pop" or "twitch" and I'm absolutely horrified I've got an aneurysm or a blood clot or something equally bad.

I have a clear CT scan from within the last two or three years, and night before last I went to the ER (my right pupil had randomly and noticeably dilated, so I got really freaked out) and performed and passed a bunch of physical neurological tests, but I'm still scared and I don't know what to do. Advil isn't helping with this headache, and I can't sleep at all because I'm convinced I've got an aneurysm that's going to rupture in my sleep. I'm only 23 years old and to the best of my knowledge no one else in my family has ever had an aneurysm. Has anyone else ever had this sort of "pressure" and, if so, did you figure out what was causing it? :(
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    I had similar pain on my right temple also.  It even made me dizzy for at least a month.  Then I went to the dentist and had a bad tooth pulled out.  The root had leaked into my gum and sometimes it still hurts some.  At least I am not dizzy any more.

    Did they check your ears?  have you seen a dentist?  It can be something so simple as a bad tooth or an earache.
     I hope you find out what is causing your pressure and pain and that it isn't serious.  
   Wishing you the best...
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She did check my ears and throat! Possibly my nose too; I just can't remember right now. I hadn't considered going to a dentist! I might have a cavity in one of my right molars, so I guess it could be that? I'm probably going to go to the doctor again tomorrow, and I'll be sure to ask them about it.

Thank you for your well wishes!
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hi. iv had similar for me it was related to migraines which after some time of it been un diagnosed i did have a TIA and a minor stroke, they do not know why i had what appeared to be aneurysms at the time but 3 months later they appeared to have disappeared. it has now been 2yrs for me and i still suffer from headaches but investigations still are underway.
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