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Random Stab pains in head? What is it likely to be?

I am a 32 year old male, 155lbs

As of tonight I suddenly got random stabs of pain coming from the top of my head. It lasts less than a few seconds, goes away, and will come back at random times throughout the course of the past few hours.

Earlier in the day I had two cups of coffee (thinking it MIGHT be caffeine related??l) I honestly don't know
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There is something called ice pick headaches - https://www.healthline.com/health/headache/ice-pick-headaches

I don't know if that's what is happening with you. Is it still happening? Have you had 2 cups of coffee since and had it happen? If it keeps happening, you should see a doctor.
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The ice pick headaches are what first came to mind for me as well. They are stabbing pains in your head similar to an ice pick. The causes of these can vary. Therefore, if they continue you should see a doctor.

Often then come on in those who have migraines.
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Update: I went to the hospital. I waited 5 and a half hours to see a doctor, the wait times in Canada are bad... but i digress

I finally see the doctor. I explain every detail about my health in the past year. He seemed to have taken me seriously, listened and gave me good info.

He checked my breathing and told me it was at 98%, which I don't understand, he suggests maybe i developed asthma.

I also told him about this hard lump that was the size of a dollar coin that had shrunk. He felt the area where it was still there but significally smaller. Ive also recently got pain in my inner left ear (same side lump was on), and a tiny sore throat on the left side too, which i failed to mention on here.

He concluded i probably have a virus and prescribed me nonSteroidal anti-infammatory medication called Naproxen. I have been instructed to take one twice a day with food and i should make a recovery in a week or two.

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That is great that you will recover soon. Sounds like you had a good doctor, that took all things into consideration.
Thank you. Yes, indeed he was a great doctor. In fact, he was correct.   As of today, the pain has completely subsided (knock on wood it doesn't return randomly). I no longer have stabbing pain, ear no longer hurts, i feel 100% again. :)
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