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Recurring episodes of swollen lymph nodes with strong fatigue

For the past two years I've been having episodes, or "flare ups" if you will, of recurring swollen lymph nodes. They swell in a variety of areas from my neck, armpits, to the groin area. Typically these episodes are accompanied with a mild headache, mild sore throat, and heavy fatigue. Sometimes during the episodes I will experience some confusion or a "foggy" sense of cognitive awareness, and sometimes I will have blurry vision and see white spots if I engage in any activity that is physically strenuous. It will last about a week or so then slowly fade away. Recently, the episodes have been more recurrent, averaging now about once every 6 weeks. I've sought treatment and seen a general practitioner, a hematologist, an ENT, and had an ultrasound of the groin area done. The GP and hematologist did bloodwork and did an antinuclear antibody test, checked for a range of STDs, Lymes, and a variety of other things- all the bloodwork was returned unremarkable, showing nothing unusual. The ultrasound displayed some enlarged lymph nodes in the groin area, but the hematologist felt they were not of a shape that displayed anything cancerous, which was also his opinion upon physically feeling the several enlarged nodes I had when I visited. He recommends I undergo a CT scan, but he ultimately felt whatever is occurring is not cancer related in any way. That is good, but, the fatigue associated with these episodes really affects my life when it occurs, it is very debilitating and a strong an unusual sense of tiredness. At this point I'm not sure what kind of specialist to see or where to go. Some information that could be helpful-
-I am 30
-I exercise frequently and would be considered a 'fit' individual
-I do not smoke
-I eat healthy
-I do not have any existing medical conditions I am aware of
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Hi.  That sounds like a burden to worry about.  How long exactly has this been happening? Are they tender? Also, are we sure they are lymph nodes and not cysts?  Hidrandenitis is a condition in which you get small cysts in groin, behind ear, neck, underarm.  Just want to make sure that is ruled out.  It's a harmless condition but a pain to deal with.

The other thing that comes to mind is chronic fatigue syndrome. Which can be associated with mono or Epstein Barr. Here is some info on it (copy and paste).  Blood work can reveal mono. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/chronic-fatigue-syndrome/symptoms-causes/syc-20360490

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