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Several progressive symptoms, no conclusive diagnosis - any ideas?

I was recommended I try this place. I have tried professional help before, got a couple diagnosis, but some things still illusive.

I have pain on the left side of my spine, height of the lower end of my shoulder blades.
At the same time the spot is stiff, feels like something is physically stuck inside my body there.

The worse it gets, the more I experience dizziness, heart palpitations, nausea, sweating.
Sometimes parts of my body on my left side get numb and tingly, especially my left leg and the pinky and ring finger of my left hand.
I get breathing problems, too. Recently I‘ve also been getting a BP of 145/80 during acute phases which has never happened before in my life (always 120/80)
It‘s worse at night, I wake up after a couple hours sleep with above symptoms being severe.
I‘ve been disabled by this for years now and it keeps getting worse.

Blood work always normal accept vit D defeciency which is being treated.
Brain MRI shows some white bleed in or something I was informed it‘s of no consequence.
Back MRI shows slight curving to the side and an area in lower back with a beginning protruding disk I was told is both of no consequence.

I exercize daily, no smoking, no drinking, no drugs, currently not on any meds.

I‘d like to know if anyone has an idea what this is and what to do about it...it has ruined my quality of life, made working impossible, and has me housebound most days. Professionals I went to keep saying this can‘t be connected (the back problem and the symptoms) and just insist it‘s all stress-related. Which is bs because I ge5 it daily 24/7 regardless of stress levels. I even went to a psychiatrist who confirmed it‘s not stress related lol...

Feel free to ask questions.

Thank you.
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Which side is it that you're experiencing the leaning to? One possible  issue may be your body working to correct your posture back to straight, thus putting a lot of strain on the opposing side by keeping it flexed.

Vitamin D deficiencies can also impact how your body absorbs calcium, which is essential for muscle control (specifically the controls on how to tighten and relax). Your heart is also a muscle , so I'm wondering if your body is having difficulty absorbing and using vitamin D and calcium properly.

How long has this been going on and have you been inured before? Have you done work that's been physically repetitive? Also have you considered wearing a back brace or something to correct posture? Have you had a step/walk study done?
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I'll also say that the numbness sand tingling definitely leads me to think that there's also a nerve getting squeezed here too.
I actually forgot which side my spine curves to! Since the prthopedist said it was too minimal to have any effect I moved on.

I currently take several supplements (Vit D, Calcium, Magnesium, and a combination thing for my PCOS/PMS problems). Once the Vit D course is dome I‘m supposed to get blood work again to see if it worked or not so I guess I‘ll know then.

This all started 6 years ago with a numb thumb and then a bit later sudden sharp pain in my back and chest.

No repetitive movements but I sit a lot. I already got a standing desk with a treadmill and several other exercize equipments I use several times a day to try and strengthen my body, better mobility etc.

I tried a back brace, it did nothing. I was also advised ahainst it because it is inactive posture correction that doesn‘t actually encourage or even allow active muscle use thus ending up making tbings worse. My posture is very bad. I have physical therapy and I do daily exercizes to fix it but to no avail whatsoever.

I have no had a walk study done. But I know I have a hollow lower back and I generally have this problem where regardless of posture I always tense up immensely in whatever position I am in. My muscles are never relaxed, even when I actually FEEL super relaxed. Except maybe when I sleep but I wouldn’t know and it‘s worse at night.
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