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Severe, multiple-symptom, undiagnosed since 7/18

Dear medical professionals and other friends,

*** This is War and Peace long. I just wanted to warn people. ***

If you had a new patient who has was in the following situation and the same symptoms, what would or could you do?

Severe pain in the right groin with tightness in the crease abutting the thigh and a pressure like a tiny ball being pushed into a hole just above and to the right of the testical, which causes frequent lower abdominal pains associated with it and trouble walking. Hurts constantly, even when sitting or lying down. Long history of abdominal issues, no resolutions.

Severe back pain above both hips and the rest of the lower back. Back can cause intense pain when going erect or sitting, and muscles will often lock up for a short duration. Pain persists when sitting or standing. Difficulty walking, especially both up and down stairs. Patient has a very long history and frequent patient visits for over 25 years for the back, no resolutions. Hip pains first introduced 7 years ago, no resolution.

Patient is consistently dizzy when standing, no matter the position or activity. When attempting to stand, once fully erect they will become even more light headed and remarks them into three categories; 1) Patient becomes dizzy enough they can't move without falling, or becomes dizzy enough to nearly pass out. 2) A painful flushed feeling starts at the head and travels down to the knees. The sensation lasts several painful seconds, focusing at the thighs, and they cannot move their legs at all. However, they will wobble agressively, forcing the patient to try and grab a hold of anything within reach. In some instances their legs will completely give out. 3) Subject will experience everything up to this stage, but after the flushing, the patient starts to convulse. Their appendages will flail around violently and uncontrollably, their chest will heave wildly and their back will arch. The whole time they are not able to move themselves at all. They crash into everthing around them, causing cuts and bruises and destruction. After a few minutes, they will bonelessly decend heavily to the ground, not able to move anything for a few more. Patient has a long history of dizziness, tremors, sudden jerky movements and shaking, some of them being pretty servere at times. 6 years, no resolution.

Patient experienced a severe manic episode which lasted from 7/18 - 8/7 and started up again today. Mental health explains that it is all in the physical realm. Patient has been diagnosed with clinical depression, bi-polar, schizoaffective disorder, anxiety and chronic insomnia. All of which have intensified with the physical issues. Patient has a 12 year history of psychiatric care twice a month until the beginning of this year.

-The first 3 issues have persisted since 7/18.
- Initially seen in the ER. Diagnosed with epididymits, even though there were no testicular problems, soreness or swelling. Given an antibacterial. No changes after 14 days.
- Second ER visit (8/1), back/hip pains are markedly increased. No imaging done. Given a round of steroids. Pains lessened to about equal with initial.
- Imaging scheduled to 8/19 (32 days after first contact). Primary said they couldn't get it sooner. A doctor can't help move them up? I've been able to do it myself several times and my doctors always have gotten me a better spot in the queue. We talked with people who had only one or two of the symptoms and their doctors found them to be concerning enough to get them treatment within days.
- Primary visit set to 8/25 (38 days after). Same deal, they couldn't even get the patient in sooner at their own clinic?? 38 days to even start a dignosis? No idea how long to get actual treatment.
- Neurology referral made. Neurology is unable to make any appointments at this time. No eta. However, patient is given a estimate of no less than six months out whenbthey start up. Seriously, there are that many people with disorders requiring a neurologist in a town with 80k people?
- Patient had liver failure due to autoimmune complications over a decade ago.
*** Update as I write this: Primary actually told them they don't believe the patient. Thinks they are all being caused by mental illness. Maybe that's why they don't care?

Is there anyone one out there who might have a clue what is going on?

The issues have been constant since 7/18, offtimes increasing. Patient was given no help with pain management, not even non-narcotics. Acetaminophen, ibuprophen and asprin can not be taken because of previous liver failure and kidney damage. Is there anything the patient can do to help the pain, since he has to endure it for at least a few more weeks?

I am I the only one who thinks the medical staff is out of line?

Is there some kind of advocate the patient can contact?

ty very much
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I forgot to mention that the patient is inable to eat, or does not want to eat since it all started. They report food tasting bad, nausea when chewing and vomiting when trying to swallow (Has been able to eat at least a little 4 times only). Never feels hungry or the need to eat. Patient has been seen multiple times for little or no eating since '12. Patient lost 20% of their total weight in the one month prior to the 18th and has lost another 24% since.
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