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Shortness of breath, chest pressure and other symptoms?

For the past 13 days I have been feeling pressure on my chest/stomach, frequent diarrhoea, shortness of breath 24/7, restlessness (difficulty falling asleep) increased heart rate whenever I stand up and take a few steps (my heart beats fast), loss of appetite and fatigue. The main symptoms are the chest/stomach pressure and shortness of breath.

I’ve been to the ER, where I have had a blood test, chest X ray, oxygen therapy, electrocardiogram, blood pressure checked and everything had turned out perfect and I cannot get a diagnosis. I don’t know what it is and what to do next.
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Even though the ER cleared you previously, you should be seen at the least by your primary again, and perhaps referred to a cardiologist for further testing/diagnosis.
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I have had the same thing going on 3 months now and my doctor scheduled me an appointment with a Cardiologist March 8th coming up.  He said the last time I had a Cardio workup my bloodflow to my heart wasn't just right, but no one said anything to me at that time.  I am also on a BiPap machine for my sleep apnea and when I googled my problem of breathlessness, it stated I should contact my Sleep doctor to reduce the pressure in my machine because breathlessness can cause a stroke or another heart problem, which of course I do NOT want to happen.  I have also been dealing with overweight problems and I am unable to exercise due to the back problems from 3 failed spine fusions in the last 8 years that is affecting my nerves and muscles where I can hardly walk and now this problem along with peripherial neuropathy in my hips, legs and feet and it feels like I am walking on hard big rocks and it hurts bad.  Recently I had pain management do a procedure called RFA where they burn the nerve endings on 4 levels of my spine to stop pain.  It stopped that pain while sitting down but when I stand up the pain of "severe pressure" around my stomach and chest radiate through my legs and feet and also on March 8th I will get an Epidural injection in L3,4,5 and S1.  That same day the Cardiologist will. most likely run quite a few tests and a nuclear stress test also.  I am hoping March 8th is my lucky day and I find out all my problems and how to stop them.  I am 73 years old but I am not ready to die yet and I want my health back and be able to exercise and take long walks without a walker and without pain.  I have not had the Covid virus and tested negative and had both my Pfizer vaccines recently for protection.  I hope you find out your problem and that it is not serious and I only told you my story because I have your symptoms also but unfortunately no answers yet.  Good luck to you.
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