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Should I be concerned about these violent "chills" I have been getting?

I have been getting really violent "chills" for a while now, my whole body just tenses up and jerks around really fast for a few seconds. I've been getting chronic debilitating migraines for years now (several a week without my medication) usually triggered by light. I wasn't concerned until this past Thanksgiving when my dads watch kept causing the sun to glare into my eyes and I kept experiencing these "chills". I made a joke about then being mini seizures and shortly after my nose started to bleed. I saw a neurologist once for my migraines but he just said that he thought it was teens and their cell phones, then up'ed the dose of the medicine I was taking because it was helping. I have now been switched off that medicine because it messes with my heart, and I have been put on a new one. I'm a 19 year old female. I have vasovagal syncope as well as some heart conditions on top of the chronic migraines if that info helps at all.  
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Hi there! I'm so sorry you are not feeling your best. Anytime your body gives you a signal something is off it is best to check in with your healthcare provider. If your migraines have historically not been well controlled with typical migraine medications, I would highly recommend seeing a (new) neurologist. Botox might be a really great option for you, especially given the fact you have multiple medical concerns. I would suggest doing some research to find a different neurologist. You will always be your own best advocate, so don't be afraid to speak up if your doctor says something you disagree with -- Like "teens and their cell phones." You are young, so find a good treatment now so you can live your best life. I wish you well.
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My migraine medication does a decent job of controlling them, it's only when I miss a dose that I have major problems. Botox seems solution, but with the constant med shuffling I've been having to deal with I will definitely keep it in mind. On the note of being my own best advocate, I'm very anxious and it's difficult for me to even bring up the issues I'm having if I don't think they are too big of a deal. Thank you for the well wishes.
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See your doctor! Could be seizures and not chills.
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How likely do you think it is that these are seizures? I don't know when my next appointment with my doctor will be, and I don't know how soon she will be able to get me into see a neurologist.
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