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Stomach Spasms that lock up whole body!! PLEASE HELP!!!

So my husband has had these weird "episodes" over the last 6 years where he wakes up in the night shaking like crazy but his whole body is locked stiff!!!! He says it starts in his stomach and afterwards that's where the pain is at. We have had EEG (came back good) ct scan, MRI....tons of blood work....everything comes back normal! He has started having these "episodes" day and night going on 14 days STRAIGHT! Has not been able to work either bc they are like seizures and he hits the floor his body locks up so tight! Tried muscle relaxers, antibiotics and nothing has helped. Dr suggest stress and he's on xanax (has been for months) but nothing is making them stop! Tried watching what he eats....nothing! He has to go back to work as he is our main income but we can't find a solution to these stomach "spasms"! Has a GI dr apt on thursday but worried we will end up with some results! Please anyone have any advice or input! -desperate wife!
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Try to videotape him on your phone or camera  when these occur.  I'm a nurse and you'll get the doctors attention much better if he or she sees what you do. If he's completely  aware of these episodes when they happen, they're  most likely not a seizure. But one can have seizures with normal EEGs. Thy taping these. They will be much more attentive.
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I think meditation therapy, deep breathing exercises or Yoga are quite helpful, in addition to an understanding friend or partner, with whom one can share his feelings and words whatever.
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In most cases these spasms are caused by simple potasium deficiency. Ocasionally by calcium, D3 or magnesium deficiency. What causes potassium deficiency? There are many possibilities. A benign tumor on the pancreas can stimulate insulin production, for example. High insulin levels deplete potassium. But that is only one scenario.  Eating a banana before going to sleep and drinking a glass of milk will help. Alternatively get a potassium supplement from the pharmacy (Lugol's solution, for example). Potassium solutions can be HIGHLY TOXIC and cause cardiac irregularities. With Lugal's, a drop (Yup - one drop) in a liter of fluid is often enough.
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He has been eating multiple bananas a day and it has not stopped or even made fewer "episodes". :/ he's also been taking magnesium tablets.
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We had a 24hrs video EEG and they said they are not seizures. They think it's just stress. He is on anxiety meds(has been for months). There has to be something to stop this?...he is not able to work much less leave the house. He's 31.....so we're desperate for a solution to get him back to work and life.
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I was thinking magnesium deficiency also.  Having deficiencies could suggest an absorptive disease like Celiac, although also alcoholics don't eat right and can have deficiencies like that.  Just some thoughts without a complete history.  
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