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Stronger Orgasms

I am a 48 year old male (healthy).  Married 27 years. About 15 years ago I had a 6 month long heroin habit (snorting). I drink sometimes heavily. Every since I kicked the habit, I have not been able to acheive an explosive orgasm. Sex feels great, I get to the point of ejaculation and it feels like its going to burst forth but it trickles out. Is there any way to fix this. I have tried all of the usuals (viagra... etc.) nothing gives me that pre-heroin experience. NOTHING WORKS  I have no problem getting aroused and staying aroused. Again everything is the same as it always was with the exception of the not being able to burst forth. Please help.
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Here are some options, try to prolong the orgasm, for example more foreplay, keep it going, also on a serious note be vocal upon an orgasm. It has been proven that when you release vocally upon having an orgasm, you have a more powerful orgasm, just like when a person lifts weights to achieve more power they yell or grunt, they release the power, also try to go without sex and masturbation for a longer period of time, that will help with the amount and pleasure. And alcohol also contributes to incompetence, so ease off the drink.  
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First of all, don't take any drugs again to get that strong orgasm feeling again. Maybe you should try experimenting with sexual possitions with your wife, role plays, extensive foreplay and also buy her some very sexy lingerie that she could wear. Also there are some lubricants that are supposed to maximise pleasure during intercourse.. Hope i helped, good luck.
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hey dont do herion anymore and eat right to achieve a good feeling inside, maby add some herbs to the diet aswell for enhanced mental health.

and if you apply pressure to the area of skin between your anus and scrotum then itll make the orgasm last longer since the semen is forced threw the tinitest space made possible by you, dont be tempted to hold it pressed shut becuase at your age and state you might cause some problems...i dont recommend doing that for sexual enhancement either.
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