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Sudden Cold Sweat

I'm a 59 y/o post menopause female. I've recently been having occasional sudden cold sweat breakouts during the day while I am doing housework. I'm not overworking myself and it happens maybe once a week, my body breaks out in cold sweat, I feel weak and about to faint where I have to give up in the middle of cooking and go lay down in bed. Only known conditions I have is cervical stenosis where I have neck and shoulder pain as well as discs in my lower back which causes pain.

My BP and cholesterol is controlled. I do drink occasionally but have been drinking a bit more frequently to a family pass away. I have told my doc this and he just said he thinks it might be post menopause symptoms. But I've never had these symptoms before and it only started showing up recently. The only thing I search and end up online is with symptoms related to an oncoming heart attack.. but I don't have chest pain nor breathlessness.

Has anyone had these episodes? Any feedback would be appreciated.
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Hmm, your Dr could be right.
I would not worry about a heart attack at this point.
How's your BP and Cholesterol controlled, with meds or
alternative methods?
Have you had your thyroid checked?
Would it surprise you if I told you, hypothyroidism is BY FAR the number one underlying cause of heart attacks?
Ask and insist for Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3 thyroid tests, for accurate thyroid function evaluation.

Best wishes,
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I would def see a cardiologist.  Womens symptoms can be very different than men.
I did not make any particular male-related reference, however, the postmenopausal symptoms would naturally  be ONLY applicable to females (for which you need to see
a Gynecologist  or Endocrinologist)

To rule out any heart issues, you could see a cardiologist,  however, bearing in mind that  postmenopausal women are at increased risk for heart disease -mainly due to lower estrogen
levels- a  Gynecologist  or Endocrinologist might be better suited to address that particular concern
(in the event it has not been addressed yet)

Women may develop subclinical hypothyroidism in menopause if they don't have a thyroid disorder already.

HRT (mainly the oral form) can lower bioavailable T4 thyroid hormone.

Prolonged stress can affect cortisol
levels, which in turn can interfere with T4 to T3 conversion, thus affecting thyroid function.

Best wishes,
Appreciate the reply. I had some blood work done and most came back normal except for some liver enzyme tests. My GGT, AST, and ALT were all elevated. GGT was 55, AST 39 and ALT 43. Albumin, bilrubin, and ALP were normal. I live on a military base here and apparently the hospital here doesn't have the extended thyroid tests that you mentioned. I did get a couple basic ones done which were normal.. but not sure how much that says about it.

My BP has recently been high even with meds so I figured it might be related to a possible liver inflammation or possible liver enzymes being broken done to the blood stream with the elevated levels if there is a relation. I suspect maybe this could be related to the cold sweats too? I'm not sure.  I go back Thursday to discuss blood work as well as to get an ECG done to be sure. I haven't had any cold sweat break outs since this initial posting so it's been 2 weeks now.

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