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Sudden onset of tingling all over body

Just yesterday my feet has began to tingle and then went numb. It was very sudden and seemed out of the blue. Then it started spreading to my arms and face. I've had random tingles before but nothing like this. It feels like a cold tingly sensation then the area goes numb and feels like needles are there when touched.
The day before this happened, I was outside and bent down to grab something. We have a small donkey (smaller than regular size but not miniature). He was standing next to me and when I bent down he rested his giant head on my neck. It pressed down and sort of strained my neck but it didn't hurt horribly. I probably stayed in that position for about a minute before I finally got him off. My neck was sore for the rest of the day but not so bad where I felt like something was wrong. I'm wondering if this could somehow cause these mystery tingles or if they're maybe from diabetes? I'm also on a beta blocker and my grandpa had diabetes. I'm not sure tingles would start all over suddenly with diabetes though. My skin has also been itchy, but it's winter and I also take melatonin nightly. Unfortunately I'm also very anxious and stressed.
Does anyone think this might be diabetes or maybe something in my neck got pinched? I'm going to make a doctors appointment soon.
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This year I experienced what living with a pinched sciatic nerve entails and from your description I believe you have pinched a nerve somewhere in your back..  It doesn't sound like your sciatic nerve but the numbness normally comes when a nerve is pinched.  If the numbness doesn't go away within a week I would get it checked.  Also if it is a pinched nerve or herniated/ bulging disc, I highly recommend you ask the physical therapist about 'dry needling'  it sounds bad but it works wonders...  best wishes
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Um my mom has ms its a deseise where one side of ur body goes numb and then it will go numb and my mom had diabetes before she got diognosed with it. and just yesterday we went christmas shopping and she said it felt like there was somthing crawling on her face and she said it was her ms flaring up so if i was u i would ask the docter about it next time u go i hope it helped
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Pins and needles with numbness in the feet can be referred from problems in the lower spine.

Pins and needle sensations in the arms can be from pinched nerves in the neck area.

You are right that you can experience these sensations from nerve damage as a result of having a glucose intolerance and diabetes.  Having itching skin can also be a symptom of diabetes.

Make an appointment with your doctor to get checked out with regard to any muscular/skeletal issues which may be causing the sensations of the pins and needles.  Lack of the Vitamin B complex group can also cause sensations of pins and needles.

A blood test to check your hBA1C levels would also be a good idea.  This shows the average glucose levels in your blood over a 12 week period.  The doctor may refer you for a glucose test at the hospital.

Best wishes.
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