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Swallowing difficulties for over a year, What should I do?

I am a 21 year old male, have struggled with swallowing since March 2018. Preceding March 2018, I noticed several instances where i was feeling more strain and difficulty while eating. Once with an apple, another time with cereal. Mid-March is when my condition severely deteriorated, where I was struggling to eat regular meals. In the past year my condition worsened up to the point where even liquids where a challenge by September.

The sensation I experience is severe tightness around the top of the neck(Adam's apple area, with a lump like sensation being felt while swallowing. The tightness and discomfort gets worse with greater exertion and throughout the day. I can only intake small quantities at a time. Small drops of liquids or soft foods. Weight loss has been severe, 60kg to 38kg at my lowest.

A multitude of diagnostic test have been attempted, with no cause being revealed Mri's, ultrasounds, endoscopies. manometry, nerve conduction studies, etc. I have even had psych evaluations conducted and have been discharged.

An interesting detail is that I have experienced small relief following my 2 endoscopies, after which I almost felt normal for a period of 2-3 hours and could consume decent sized meals and good intake of fluid.

with no treatment in sight. I am desperate for any help. Thank you
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Not sure this is related severe acid reflex make u feel like lump    Try  antacids  
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" I have even had psych evaluations conducted and have been discharged"
You were given a psych evaluation because you were worrying about this? You mention discharged, so does that mean you were in psych for days/
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Have you had your thyroid checked for nodules and there may be a structure, causing a spasm when swallowing.
The drugs given during the endoscopy relax the muscles so that may explain why you can eat easily afterward, that leads me to suspect there is a spasm of some sort.
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