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Swollen lymph nodes, for 9 months, ear pain, low grade fever, bone pain ...

Hello!  I am a healthy, 30 year old female.  I've had a swollen submandicular lymph node (1.1 cm by 1.8 cm) for 9 months, and on and off ear pain and pressure that entire time.  I've seen two ENTs who have found "nothing wrong" with my ears, aqnd all bloodwork has come back "normal."  

A few months ago, I started having bone pain (not in the joints, but in the middle of my arm, leg, etc) and hot flashes.  Last week a second node swelled to a very large size, and I've been running a fever ever since (99.5 - 101.4).

My Dr sent me for an MRI and some more bloodwork (awaiting results), but I'm getting frustrated, and very concerned.  It seems as though since my ear is full/has pressure, they would be able to see something wrong with it.  

Any ideas for my next steps?  I asked for a surgical evaluation for a biopsy, but my Dr feels it is too early for that.

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Have you been tested for lyme disease ? Also, do you have any fatigue, unrefreshing sleep, ringing in the ears or any other symptoms ?

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No ringing in the ears.

Just got a call from my Dr, my LDH is 690, she wants me to have a biopsy tomorrow.  I'm still clinging to the hope that it is just "clogged" or something, but slowly becoming more concerned since I have no infection (white blood cell count normal) and a fever for 6 days now.

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Just wanted to say good luck.  It could be glandular fever (I think you call it mono in America).
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Swollen lymph nodes in your neck could block the natural drainage process of you ears. I recently had that problem which turned out to be related to the size of my thyroid and the nodules on it. Have you ever had your thyroid checked other than lab work? Heaven knows those of us with nodules almost ALL of us had normal blood results. The symptoms you have posted are very common with a thyroid condition,including my specific case. Always get a copy of your lab results so you can see for yourself that things are within normal range. I can't answer for certain what is wrong just another route for you to check out.

Good Luck.
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1.1-1.8cm lymph nodes are not necessarily abnormal.  To add, many healthy people have 99.5 BT's all the time.  
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Hi Jot,
My daughter, who is 19, had similar symptoms and an enlarged lymph node in her groin.  Her LDH was 438.  Not as high as yours but above the 330 level (high end of normal range).  The doctor suspected Lymphoma, but thank God it wasn't.  She had mono and it had turned into Epstein Barr.  That is in the mono family.
She underwent a biopsy last Thanksgiving and all is well.  I hope the same goes for you.  It can be very scary waiting for results and diagnosis from your doctor.  
If they don't find anything and that lymph node remains enlarged, keep after them to find the source.
Good luck to you !
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A related discussion, Swollen gland/ear pain was started.
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