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Tendon or muscle snap & numbness

Hi. I'm 43 and about a year ago I got a very sharp pain above my left thigh. Followed by burning, then finally numbness. I had a sonogram to see if it was my ovaries, but nothing. Now about 8 months later, I felt like a rubber band snapped under my left arm pit, and it's still happening. I'm afraid this is just going to continue throuout my body, unless I go to the right specialist. I also woke up one day, and there is a huge bruise coving my right calf. It's not a blood clot. I have lost 65 in the past year. I don't drink enough water. I pee about every 9 hours and it's very dark almost rusty color. I don't sleep enough. My iron level is very low, but iron pills don't help. I'm a little scared to be honest. Any suggestions?
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I don't think this has anything to do with your womb.

Sounds to me as if it likely to be a muscular skeletal problem, trapped nerves, or tendon problems and other problems mentioned below.

As you say you do not drink enough, your urine is dark (sign of dehydration), you should drink at least 2-3 litres of water throughout the day.

If you don't drink enough you could end up with kidney stones and urinary problems.  As the iron pills are not helping, it may be that you are now deficient in Vitamin B12.

You need to go back to your doctor for blood tests, liver and kidney function, iron and  Vitamin B group deficiency.  As you have lost a lot of weight it may also be worth having your thyroid levels checked too.

So go and see your doctor so that he can do the blood tests to find out what is going on.

Best wishes.
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Thanks, I was going to but I wasn't sure what they should test for. I am a bad procrastinator but now that it is happening in another part of my body & the strange enormas bruise on my calf, I am a bit worried.
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Don't procrastinate, just go back to your doctor and when all the tests are done, he will be able to get you on the right road to health.

Let me know how you get on.

Best wishes.
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