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This is long but I'm 22 w heart lung liver and brain problems please help

Hi I'm 22 female and a recovering addict. It started two months or so ago with really short breath when I typically have great stamina. It all fell apart when I was in an accident almost 12-14 days ago and my head was slammed into the windshield after hydroplaning into a telephone pole and my head broke my windshield. I went the hospital and was very tachycardic but they figured it was from anxiety and being so shaken up. They also said I experienced a concussion did a catscan of my head and knees- I'm little and sit so close they hit the dash...They cleared me after being monitored a few hours sent me home. I live with my boyfriend and within two days I started to daze off and weird goofy images would come to my head, and then I'd come back and think "why was I thinking about that?" It was more subconscious. Then within 24hours I was gone. I would come back and forth in and out of awareness. I would be having a conversation but all the sudden forget what I was talking about and subconsciously go into another conversation without any awareness or break in the sentence. Moments later my boyfriend or whomever I was speaking to would ask me what I'm talking about and I would snap back and I wouldn't know why I had done it. He called an ambulance around midnight after I kept getting worse. Almost every conversation was jibberish and I got upset at him calling and snapped out of it, and tried to put my game face on and talks to these paramedics like I was ok. The first conversation I kind of kept it together and then I as gone again. During my ambulance ride I had the strangest thoughts and ultimately confusion and just not being aware but being able to talk jibberish and weird stuff. All of it was really weird. I was admitted to the cardiac floor because my heart rate wouldn't go down under 120 and I was like a child. I couldn't focus, keep a conversation, nor stay aware. I was in a dream like state. I kept trying to take wires out, talk on the heart monitor box, pull my heart finger monitor off because I kept trying to "hit" it like how I smoke my vapor e cigarette. They taped it on and I kept trying all these odd behaviors. I could tell the nurses were frustrated and I felt bad, because although I was mostly unaware I couldn't show emotion but I felt embarrassed and felt so bad for my actions and having to be taken care of. Accentually after getting a 99 reading (one time) they moved me to the psychiatric unit and gave me red phosphate, and within 24 hours I started to clear up and within a week back to normal... or so I thought. They let me leave still highly tachycardic and the next day I got a TB test which was positive but the chest x-ray showed negative for TB. But I went to another hospital who did an x-ray and gave me a week to live with the infection they saw (not TB. Still unknown but here I am) I guess the antibiotics have helped. My chest still hurts from my heart, my lungs still hurt from the infection but my mind stayed pretty clear for the most part. I've been seeing doctors all week and I was put on another monitor for my heart to wear at home all weekend. I give it back tomorrow. I get short of breath and wheezy just from any mild physical activity like walking. Or standing too long. I thought my head was ok, even though the MRI showed 3 unknown spots on the right side of my brain. But after a very stressful two days my onset symptoms are back but so far haven't progressed. I get very dazed and zone out and think of weird things that don't make any sense at all and then snap out of it. My short term memory is nearly shot at the moment, I feel like an "air head" because I do weird things like earlier I didn't move my foot in the door of the car and it slammed on my bare flip flopped foot. Ouch. And even typing this I lose my train of thought, have to stop, and then re read and think about it and continue. I am concerned because I used to experience extreme time warping, where I felt like I lived in the same couple of seconds over and over for hours. I can feel that coming now a days and have trained myself to ground myself or change my surroundings before I get "stuck" (when that happens I feel like I have to dig myself out and it takes so long to get things back to reality) that symptom came on when I was 15 and has happened periodically throughout my life now. I also used to be very shy growing up, outgoing and reckless when I was about 16-19 and from around 18- now I've been closing in and out of complete recluse to depressed to moderately social (going to work I take frequent bathroom breaks just to be alone) and I have really, really bad anxiety about nothing in particular but everything in general. I can't pin point it, I just feel like I'm falling apart (antisocial, dental needs, mind problems, I stopped going to college for my need to be alone, luckily my boyfriend has now also become as comfortable as alone after 2 years) and sometimes I feel my life should just end because I'm too far gone. I guess that's where it stems from but I have no idea. But it's bad. And xanax helps so much but being a former addict I'm terrified I'll become addicted or take too much. I'm losing my train of thought again and all of the heart lung and head problems are so scary. I'm afraid of schizophrenia due to females in their early twenties being more susceptible to development. But I don't get myself worked up about it or stuck on the idea. I just feel like I feel too much and it physically hurts me when people yell and scare me and I HAVE to calm them down and talk about it or leave. I do not fight when there is an issue I am really good at putting myself in the others position and being able to talk for fear of them over reacting and it's just easier communication. But a stranger I had randomly vented to (uber driver since my car is totaled) told me I was in crisis mode. My bf I think is afraid of my death after the doctors week scare since his last gf died in her sleep next to him and when I went back to the hospital and they gave me the week expectancy he told me to stay with my parents and my mom is very delusional and very psychotic. She has diagnosed manic bipolar, one time it was schizophrenia then schizoaffective and then back to manic bipolar. When I was in the hospital my papers said schizoaffective but the doctor never told me that or anything about it and I think it was more of a diagnoses to put on the paper for me to leave than an actual thorough one. My heart doctor is afraid of endocarditis due to my lung infection and heart symptoms, and that my heart and lung problems are related. I think maybe all 3 are. But I'm so afraid of losing myself, when I was lost (I have an identical twin) she came to visit me and cried and I tried to tell her I was okay but she knew I wasn't. The doctors explained I may never snap out of it to them, not me but she told me once I was back. Apparently when I was trying to soothe her, I wasn't showing emotion at all. But I truly felt like I was very sympathetic. I asked about our conversation hen out because I thought she told a story bout our neighbor who lost it too, but it never happened. I was delusional. I'm afraid I'm going to slip back into that as the past two days have been funny but I think I'm okay and am trying to look for symptoms and not let myself slip. This one may be unrelated and TMI, I tried to Google it but couldn't find much. my urine has changed odors on antibiotics and vitamins and all kinds of things in my past, but recently it's some noticeable odor almost like if pizza and syrup had a baby. not any common listed. I don't have a bad diet or eat either often. I may have a hep c but it keeps flip flopping negative and positive and my enzymes look normal. I mention that because liver diseases can change urine odor. In the past I had no serious physical health problems. I'm scared. It's hard to get my heart and lung doctor and psychiatrist together. I'm scared
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