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Tingling, cramping, twitching, could it be MS?

I have been reading about how hard it is to get a firm neurological diagnosis, especially with unclear symptoms.  Hoping someone can help suggest what route to go.  I'm 44 years old, medical history of Hashimoto's.  Otherwise, healthy.  Over the past couple of years I've had an episode of severe pressure headache with vertigo and ears ringing, with difficulty thinking during this time (about 2 weeks of this).  After this resolved I had calf cramping in one leg, turned into vibration sensation of the lower leg that lasted for months.  That resolved, then came back.  Soon after the vibrations resumed, I became very "twitchy" especially in my legs.  I can see the twitches under my skin.  I had days of leg weakness, back weakness, and arm weakness.  Sometimes on one extremity and sometimes both.  I have also had brief episodes of numbness in small patches of my leg.  Currently my calves feel very stiff and cramps.  All labs for electrolytes, vitamins, thyroid, etc.. have been normal.  Brain MRI showed 2 small white matter lesions that were called "non specific," meaning they don't necessarily look like typical MS lesions.  A spinal MRI without contrast was done and didn't show anything.  The neurologist wants to wait and see.  I just want to know what's going on.  
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Typically, to diagnose MS , requires 3 seperate, distinct occurrences of MS related symptoms confirmed by a physician. Usually brain and or spine MRIs will show new lesions after each subsequent episode.
MS isn’t quite as easy to diagnose as we would like it to be.
Your symptoms could also be related to a myriad of other issues such as inflammed or irritated nerves in the spine, sciatic nerve inflammation, as well.
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