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Tiny red spots, bumps with itchy sensation for sometime


From last few days, I have been experiencing some itchy sensation across the body with tiny red spots/bumps on the hands and chest. This happens immediately after exposure to sun/heat for sometime and then subsides in 15-20 minutes. In this period of time, there is kind of irritation and itchy sensation across the body including scalp. I am 29, do not have any known allergies (food,cosmetics) and I am used to playing outdoor sport under the sun. There is no change in my food and lifestyle in the recent past. The only change I see is the intermittent weather. Rain, cold, sun changing rapidly nowdays. I spend most of the day in AC during my work as a s/w engg. My sweating is also normal as per physical activity. I have consulted a regular physician who prescribed some anti-allergic pills. The severity has reduced a bit, but when there is sudden change from indoor(AC) to outdoor, the itching and tiny redpost/bumps are back. The last I had a blood profile test was within 1 year and the report is normal. None of my parents are diabetic.
Is this because of dry skin ? Do you suggest any cooling body lotion.
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i honestly think you developed an allergy to the sun
or maybe some meds are making you sensitive
to the sun
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You may want to find a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner, they can find the cause and work with your body to help.
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Thanks for your response. But I think it is more due to sweating than sun. As yesterday i was playing basketball in the evening and I had them during sweating.
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   Since you think that it is due to your sweat, perhaps you should try a good cleanse.  There may be too much salt or toxins in your sweat and your skin is reacting to it.   You might also then take antioxidants such as Grapeseed extract to prevent it from happening again.

Wishing you the best
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