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Tired of being sick open for suggestions !

Okay sorry if this is a lot to read but there's a lot going on.   The symptoms are happening to my whole family, we've been to many doctors and they just blow us off.  There's me (25 yr old female) my fiancé (25 yr old male) my oldest daughter (5) other daughter (3) and my son is (1).
We all keep getting these nasty respiratory like infections.  Only they are very much more dramatic, the mucous is thick and disgusting, coughing our heads off and it will last weeks.  It's almost like they keep coming back every few weeks after we get over the last sickness it's back two weeks later. We are all also tired ALL the time. We could have 10-12 hours of sleep and still be exhausted.  We all are experiencing loss of appetite, which is weird especially for kids because they were never picky and loved to eat, now they will eat a bite or two at each meal.  Our stomachs are also bloated at the same time.  Now the weirdest part is my one year old he will have these episodes where he will poop 8 times in one day and it will be watery and have some flakes of undigested food. He wakes up screaming at night as well. We have seen many doctors and still have no answer I feel scared for my son!!! If anyone has an idea on what this could be or how to get closer to finding something out that'd be great!!

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Based on experience, it sounds like digestion problems, for some reason. I would eliminate dairy completely for a couple of weeks and see how you all feel. Also do some research on AIP, a diet which eliminates certain foods that your body my suddenly not be tolerating well. In the meantime, get high quality probiotics, typically in the fridge section. The probiotics should balance your gut flora and create a healthier environment. Ultimate Flora is a great brand.
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