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Uncomfortable hip and numbness in left leg

Hi! Over the last couple if years my left hip has felt uncomfortable on and off. Over the last 30 days this has increased.

The pain feels as if it is in the bone. I went through a period of my left foot feeling numb and tightness in my calf.

On the very odd occasion, if I coughed there was a twinge in one testical. I saw a doctor and he reckons I have a small hernia but I'm unconvinced that such a problem could be widespread.

I had a blood test 4 months ago at an STD clinic, would this show abnormalities in blood cells linked to cancer? I'm currently away travelling atm and have found a place close by which does x rays. Should I go get this checked out further,?

Right now the numbness has gone from my feet, it is more of a twinge throughout my thigh now and aching of the hip joint.

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Hello~First, I am wondering if you have thought of seeing a chiropractor for your numbness and pain, they specialize in these areas. They will first take an x-ray, study it, then go over the results with you. Normally, after a few treatments, folks start to feel better. When you return home from your travels, this might be worth looking in to.

As to the blood test showing any links to cancer, some can, but it is usually very vague, I know there are special blood tests for cancer as well as bone biopsy's if you are concerned over bone cancer. Some x-rays, CT scans and MRI's can show cancer as well.

My best advice would be to see your chiro when you get home, ask him/her these concerns. They will always be glad to refer if they think yours in not a chiro case. Also, ask your doctor about the chance of blood work showing cancer cells and a possible bone biopsy.

In the meantime, start taking Vitamin D3, this is good for bone health and in many cases can help with some of that pain, also take a good, high potency multi-mineral and "B" complex, theses, too, should help, plus make you healthier in general.
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