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Undiagnosed Strange Medical Condition

I have strange sensations on my hands and feets like burning, buzzing, electrical current, and crawling. It is not concentrated on the same spot as they move around and changes its' form. The level of intensity of the sensations varies as well. One moment, I can have level 7/10 electrical current on my fourth and pinky finger then later level 4/10 burning on my palm. However, the main area where it happens is on my left hand and right foot. Due to this, my daily activities can only function at about 70% as I'm in discomfort most of the time. When it's flaring badly, it makes me stressed and anxious as well.

I have consulted a neurologist and neurosurgeon who instructed many tests like MRI (brain, lumbar, cervical, abdomen), nerve conduction test, full blood test and ultrasound but it all came back normal. They could not find anything and conclude it's psychological though I really doubt it and sent me to see a psychiatrist. Anyway, I went ahead to consult the psychiatrist and was given some psychosomatic medications. My condition however still did not improve.

The feelings started in April'19. Somehow it subside by its own in August'19. In between there are some spikes but it's just very mild before another episode in March'20. Again after few months it subsides on its own.

Right now it's like the 3rd episode. It keeps coming back so I think the root cause is not identified and cured. I'm kind of clueless at the moment on what to do next.

Is there anyone out here with a similar experience or have some clues on my condition? I appreciate all kinds of feedbacks or suggestions like things to try, who to consult, etc.

Thanks for reading.
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Have they ruled out MS (Multiple sclerosis)?  By the time MS is diagnosed,  many patients have been called hypochondriacs because they have a wide variety of vague,  distressing symptoms.  
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There are things that can cause neuropathy.  Too much B6 is one.  Diabetes is another.  Not sure why you saw a psychiatrist as a first step instead of seeking therapy with a psychologist, as drugs aren't a great first resort as they can have their own complications.  Know that if this was psychological, meds for that don't cure anything, they just make it more tolerable.  Therapy might cure it.  But if you doubt it is psychological, and I would say that if your thinking before this started didn't involve the kind of anxious or depressed thinking that mentally ill people have, or if nothing happened around that time that was traumatic and might have triggered this it's hard to see how it would suddenly arise as a psychological ailment, the answer is when your docs don't find it and it's still a problem find better docs, even if you have to travel to find them.  But you might ask yourself, did something happen around that time that might have triggered a psychosomatic reaction?  Are you an anxious person?  Do you have a history of psychological problems?  But again, if it's not that, and keep in mind that when a doc can't find anything and doesn't want to see you anymore they will often attribute it to psychological problems even if none are manifested, you have to keep trying to find a doc who can diagnose you.  Peace.
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