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Undiagnosed/persistent headache, hopeless no one can figure it out

Background - Went to Mexico in beginning of may and came back with rotavirus (headache didn’t start until next month). On June 3rd, had a sudden headache started out of nowhere (not prone to headache) that gradually got worse through the day and days after. It felt similar to a bad tension headache with severe pressure in my head with nausea and hot flashes. Prior to the headache, I randomly had days of nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever and chills. The headache persisted for a wee before going to the hospital and no meds helped compete unresponsive. I had every test CT, MRI, EEG, umber puncture but nothing abnormal found. They said I had a refractory migraine or abnormal migraine. Went to neuros, headache specialist, pcp, ER, and no one can figure it out. Then I got tested for lyme and I had an abnormal result - I tested positive for igg 41, 45, 66, and 39 and I’m waiting to get test back to see if I’m positive for co-infections. Other than that I have no idea what else is could be besides lyme. Many people thin that my headache is from lyme but I’m not sure. Very frustrating to not get answers. I also have had elevated liver enzymes and autonomic dysfunction symptoms such as fast heartbeat, lightheaded, and low blood pressure, nausea, but my main symptom has been this headache. Not sure if it could be another tic-borne illness or parasite?

Headache description for reference:
Headache constantly changes with sensations of air balloon feeling, brain tingling/tickling inside my forehead, head feels full or stuffy like theres a big cloud inside my head/fuzzy around my brain, weird sensations in my head some crawling feeling, gets worse if I try to move my forehead around sometimes with sharp stabs; most of the time I have pressure and strain/tension in my head and deep muscle tension, brain freeze/ice pic headache type and deep tissue pain soreness spots everywhere, painful spots on forehead when pressing on it, muscular or vascular type of headache or bruising/hurts to touch, get bad waves of pain and it moves around my head a lot, sometimes its not painful but feels really strange, occasional brain nausea, zaps shooting pain and stabs all over nerves, vibration or buzzing sensation in head, pain on top of head (pain is mainly on forehead, sometimes temples, and top of head, my nerves hurts and it feels like they're damaged)
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Have you had your teeth checked? Once I had a horrible headache for days that was only relieved when one of my molars cracked off right at the gum line.
not sure if its teeth bc i have nausea and other symptoms but main thing is the headache
Worth checking. Headache can give you nausea.
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