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Undiagnosed symptoms for too long..What is this?

Hi everyone.
i posted about this a while ago, i have been to numerous doctors and still have no answer.
For at lease two years now, i have had numerous symptoms. They are:
Dizzy/Lightheaded/Faint feeling
Irregular heartbeat
on/off chest pain
Headaches and Head Pressure
Weight Gain

You name a test , ive had it done. The only thing my doctors have told me is that i have:
anxiety/panic disorder..which i do
minimal septal hypertrophy
psoriatic arthritis
What happens is, first i feel my heart beating abnormal. sometimes fast, slow, but mostly skipping.
it almost feels like its strugglingto beat. extreme dizziness, and head pressure and headaches where my head feels like its going to pop. i only get the pressure when i have the abnormal beats. i also notice when i go from a sitting to a standing position, the dizziness and pressure increase. ive had tons of heart tests. as a matter of fact im going this month for a second opinion, and i cant even begin to tell you how many er visits i had.i just finised 2 , holter monitors for a month. they found a few pvcs and thats it. I can feel the abnormal beats. They skip all the time.. i dont understand. please if this sounds familiar help me out. I appreciate it
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also my bp is lower than normal
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One more thing. I had a cardiac cath done in December 2015. All good....
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Have you ever heard of a condition called the Nutcracker Syndrome (Left Renal Vein Compression)? It's a complex debilitating condition that can affect every part of the body including the heart. Several case studies have shown that it can also cause severe ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was reading some of your older posts and most of your symptoms could be explained by ME/CFS. Search for this recent article:
A Tough Nut to Crack: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Abdominal Pain Attributed to Nutcracker Syndrome

Many people that have been diagnosed with Nutcracker Syndrome have also been diagnosed with a second very similar condition called May-Thurner Syndrome (Iliac Vein Compression). I was recently diagnosed with this condition and had "mild" ME/CFS. It was causing me many of the same problems you're having only more mild. After having a stent placed about a year and a half ago almost immediately all my problems started going away.

It's possible that you have either or both of these conditions occurring. It's important to find a Vascular Surgeon that is very familiar and has a lot of experience with these conditions as they are often missed by most doctors. Also, join a Nutcracker Syndrome group on Facebook and read some of their posts and ask some questions. There are some very knowledgeable members in these groups that can help you get diagnosed and possibly treated if you do in fact have this condition. Good luck and hope this helps!
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1. RBC Magnesium Test
2. Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3 Thyroid tests
3. Blood Volume Test
4. Cortisol x 4, DHEA-S (saliva test)
5. Methymalonic Acid Test
6. CoQ10 Test
7. Electrolytes Blood Test (Calcium, Chloride, Magnesium,
Potassium, Sodium)
8. Dr. Coca's Pulse Test (self-test)

If you have not done any of the above tests, I suggest you look into them carefully.
Please post results from any ones you have done, along with action taken, if results did warrant this.

If you happen to need any further details on these tests
please post again.

Best wishes,
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Thank you guys..Niko could you Please describe these tests and what they look for. Thank you
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One more thing. The head pressure feels like I'm upside down and the blood is rushing to my head
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1. RBC Magnesium Test  A standard blood test will only indicate serum levels of Mg, which is tightly regulated.
The RBC test co-relates with Mg function
2. Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3 Thyroid tests
These tests will detect thyroid hormone resistance and give a better indication of actual thyroid function.
The standard thyroid tests are simply flawed and miss more times than not!
3. Blood Volume Test. As the name implies. Low volume, let's say 20% lower, would be the equivalent of losing something like a pint of blood in an accident/injury which would constitute a medical emergency, right? Usually not investigated when "invisible".
4. Cortisol x 4, DHEA-S (saliva test) Measures adrenal hormones in regards to response to stress.
5. Methymalonic Acid Test. It will rule out low deficiencies in B12 Methylocobalmin and Methylfolate, which are ALWAYS missed when doing standard tests for their respective unmethylated forms (Cobalamine and folate)
6. CoQ10 Test  Indicates the levels of one of the most important factors in energy (specially cardiovascular)
7. Electrolytes Blood Test (Calcium, Chloride, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium)  These minerals must be in proper levels and ratios for muscle relaxing/contacting, fluid exchanges, bone building, PH balance, digestion, heart regulation, restful sleep, intra and extra-cellular functions and so many more vital processes.
8. Dr. Coca's Pulse Test (self-test) It will point to food/drink sensitivities, including hidden or delayed. Takes a week to complete.

Hope it helps,
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Thank you this does help. I will get tested, and let you know. Can my PCP perform these tests?
I posted the answer on the 13th, but I guess it did not submit at the time.

Anyways, for the blood volume you might have to see a Hematologist
you knows about it.

The Cortisol and DHEA saliva testing, perhaps your PCP can order it, but it
might not be covered. Check the
BioHealth Labs for details.

And naturally, Dr. Coca's Pulse test
is a self-test, instructions available online.

The remaining tests could be ordered by your PCP, if s/he's open to them.

The Reverse T3 may not be covered by your plan, but I know Walk-in Labs has a very reasonable price for it.

Best wishes,
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