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Unexplained Abdominal Pain

I'm a 34 year old Female who has been experiencing attacks of pain in the Middle of my abdomen more toward the left that radiate into my back. The attacks as I call them, come on suddenly usually within an hour or two after consuming food that isn't bland such as Soup, and Saltines. I'm having them approximately once per week they are massively painful so much so I've been to the Emergency Room Twice, once in an Emergency Squad.

My history, I had Gastric bypass nearly 6 years ago and have kept the weight off. My gallbladder was removed in 1999 (14 years ago) I am very healthy low blood pressure etc. only thing that I seem to have a problem with is Anemia despite the fact that I take Iron, and Multivitamins daily.

The first time I visited the ER, I was really given the attitude that I was faking and seeking pain meds. They gave me a shot of Zofran and after a couple hours it subsided. They sent me home without doing any scans, pretty much said I must of ate something that didn't go down my new piping correctly, and sent me home. I didn't follow up with my doctor at that time as I agreed with the diagnosis. A month later, it happened again this time I was at work. The pain was so bad it was all I could do was lie on the floor and just cry. I had a hard time getting calm and begged the EMT for Oxygen because I was hyperventilating. Same again, Zofran send me home and you likely just ate something bad.

I followed up with my family Doctor and he referred me to a Gastro Center after doing some blood work and checking my Urine for Infection. All were normal. I went to the Gastro and we did an Ultra Sound which was Normal, then he scheduled me for an ERG Test which was also normal, no Ulcers or anything. Last week, he sent me for an MRCP looking for a Stone in the Common Bile Duct and it also came back normal.

I'm now frustrated. I'm ok as long as I don't eat anything other than bland diet. It's made me depressed as I'm afraid to eat anything outside the home with fear that this will happen. On average I have an attack like this about once per week. I've been lucky to have been at home so I can scream it out. Then I'm just exhausted.

Anyone have anything similar or advice?  
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Its more then likely gulblatter stones. My mom also had gastric bypass surgery. It's very common to get this. You **** get it checked out to make sure its not infected. My mom almost dyed she had to get her gulblatter removed. She had many stones in there. She was experiencing the same exact pain you are describing to us. PLEASE go get that checked out ASAP.
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     I have had my gall bladder removed years ago.  But my pain was always on the right side and went up my back to my right shoulder.  
     Am thinking that you should try taking Probiotics and enzymes to help you digest your food.  Often times, we don't make enough stomach acid at the right time, then the stomach sends out the acid too late and it causes heartburn.  

    Wishing you the best...
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Have they tested you for gastroparesis or delayed stomach emptying.  I was just diagnosed by doiing a gastric emptying study....Worth a mention to your doctor...I have had some of the same symptoms.  Hope this helps.
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I just wanted to mention the OP indicated she had her gall bladder removed in 1999.
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Believe me when I tell you I am no expert.  I can only say that as I have been trying to get answers for my own undiagnosed ailment, one of the suggestions was Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  For me, there was some carry-over between IBS and my symptoms.  After some consideration, it doesn't appear to be my issue.  However, some of your symptoms are what led people to suggest IBS to me.  

There's a dedicated forum:

...and there's lots of info. online.  Can't hurt to read more about it.  Good luck!
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