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Unexplained Bruising

I have been on Plavix for a year for my heart condition. Often, when I bump into something, I bruise quite easily. This I understand. However, I have started developing bruises all over my body, but especially my legs for no apparent reason at all. I have not hit or bumped into anything. Also, these bruises have tiny little red/purple pinpoints in them. Some of these bruises are small, but most are quite large, even scary looking. I developed 10 bruises in 5 days.  Any suggestions?
Thank you!
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Bruising can be a side effect of plavix and it says online if you have this you should report it to your doctor/health care professional as soon as possible.
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Thank you for answering! I have always bruised on Plavix but this took on a turn for the worse! I have called my cardio doctor and am waiting on their reply. I just wondered if anyone else had this happen to them too!
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Yes, Plavix causes bruising. You must get a bleeding time, clotting time done and must reduce the dose or go off Plavix and take an alternative, after consulting a cardiologist. If Plavix is not the only cause then bruises could be due to internal bleeding from torn capillaries. The other possible reasons are low platelet count, clotting disorders, fragile spider veins, deep vein thrombus, deficiency of Vitamin B12, folic acid, or Vit K, a liver disease or certain cancers (less likely in your case). It could also be due to pressure urticaria.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!

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Thank you for this response!! I am still waiting on the call back from my cardiologist, so will copy this answer and take it with me to see him. I had a complete CBC and platelet count, INR done and all came back normal, so thinking it probably is the Plavix! Thank you!
I will post again once I see my cardio!
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