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Very Concerned about my heart, if it's that!

Hello! I would like to know if I have any reason to be concerned with what is going on with me lately.  I am 38, mother of 3 girls, I have had severe reproduction problems since i was diagnosed with endomitriosis when I was 18 and it went from there.  It began with the right ovary removed from abscesses and ruptures, then my uterus hung too low and they were using my ligaments to lift it up off my nerves so that I could get pregnant, but ran out of ligaments, so i opted to just have a hysterectomy.  Then last yr. my left ovary began to rupture and was stuck against the scar tissue, so it was removed.  I am not on vivelle-dot, a hormone patch and have had no problems with it at all.  I am epileptic, from a serious car accident and head injury in 1996 and have migraines several times a week.  Yes, this is my life.  But for the past week I have been really concerned because my chest has been tight at times and I can feel like an extra beating in my neck and head and it goes away.  But it is beginning to happen more and more frequently even just after a week, that I am concerned.  I am on a lot of medication for the seizures, migraines and from the past, the medical issues with the reproduction issues.  I am also beginning to show signs of Parkinson's, so I am on Requip, and it does seem to help with some symptoms.  So, I have been to the doctors non-stop and everything has been checked...everything! And everything always comes out fine.  A few years back, I did feel fluttering in my chest and went to the ER and they put me on Cumadin and went up to do a cath because they thought I had a blocked artery from the stress test.  I have always had a very, very low BP and heart rate.  I have been laying in the hospital before and it has gotten as low as 60/40 and I felt completely fine, but had like 7 doctors in there in seconds.  It really doesn't affect me that much.  I rarely get dizzy upon standing.  They did tell me that my heart is like a person who is 70yrs. old at that time.  But nothing was done after that and I felt fine.  I actually was at the Olympic training level back in the 80s and early 90's in gymnastics, so I do exercise alot.  I still coach gymnastics, walk, kayak, swim, dance and do the Warrior Dashes when I can when they come to our state.  Even though there is alot going on with me, I don't sit around and do nothing.  I believe exercise is the best medicine.  But lately, the days in bed are getting more and more closer together and this beating, chest thing has me quite worried right now!  I know that if I were to go to the doctor's or the ER, they would find nothing and sluff it off as my Parkinson's progressing or me overworking myself, but I know my body and this is very different. I haven't told even my husband about this yet because I don't want to stress him out.  So, I am asking anyone who has had this feeling, or knows what I am talking about, what this is and what I should do about it!  I hope someone can help! Thank you!

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Your problem is that in the past week or weeks you're feeling heaviness in your chest and your arms are uncoordinated, shaky, right?

All your previous illness might have nothing to do with it. It's not necessarily linked with this new problem.

Whoever told you have Parkinson? it is rare to develop Parkinson in your age and so suddenly.

There are other issues that can resemble Parkinson. weeks ago I had a similar problem, "Parkinson-like" arms, I'd have to move the arm back and forth a few times like a "three-toed sloth" before I could catch an object. It wasn't Parkinson obviously it was a different Neurological problem.

The only thing real dangerous for you now is the heart beat, if there was a neurological problem slowing down your heart beat rate it could be dangerous on you because your bpm is already very low.

I suggest you throw away the Requip. Consult a Neurologist before you put yourself on Parkinson meds.

One thing that could work on your shakiness are Benzodiazepines. clonazepam maybe could relax your arms and give you normal coordination again. You could try that as an experiment only but consider that you can't take those drugs longer than a couple of weeks they are very dangerous and addictive. Clonazepam is a psychotropic drug but yours isn't a psychiatric problem, consider that they give Benzo. also to Tetanus patients to release spasm. They might be dangerous on your heart too.

You say everything has been checked, what blood tests did you take, was there anything even slightly out of range?

Did they check your vision? has your vision gone down a bit or loss of visual field?

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Thank you for responding! I actually was diagnosed with Parkinson's because I have had the symptoms for about 2 years and they progressively got worse and worse.  My speech will go, I have tremors in my hands, I loose coordination, and I have a deep routed pain throughout my body. I try to explain the pain, but it's difficult.  It's like an ache, but it's not muscle or joint pain, it's deep inside because it doesn't hurt to touch myself or get massages or anything and I have severe insomnia because of the pain, the migraines I get and I literally shake in bed while I lay there and can't control it.  I try so hard, but it is such an "out of control" feeling and I hate it!  My blood work showed some low levels of some things, potassium,
magnesium, and iron and every once in a while my white count will be up, but it's hit and miss with detecting that.  And I am on Valium to help the insomnia and the shaking but it isn't taking it away completely, so my doctor said it was most likely Parkinson's and put me on Requip.  But I do have an appointment at the Henry Ford Clinic in Detroit, MI on the Neurology Unit for a 7-10 day stay consisting of a 7 day EEG and other tests.  They are going to take me off my epilepsy medications, and all medications and see what my brain does off everything. That's why I need to be hospitalized to do it because the risks are very high or reactions to that. But, at least they will hopefully be able to rule things out or get to the root of things.  But the feeling of a BOOM, BOOM, flushed pounding, fluttering feeling coming from my chest and radiating up through my neck and head is very new and is scaring me half to death.  It comes and goes and is not constant or consistent in anyway at all, so I didn't feel there was any need to rush to the ER or anything. My appointment is June 25th, so hopefully I will be able to find out what is going on, but I will be at the neurology unit and I feel they won't deal with my heart if that is the problem.  
Last night, the pain in my chest not only was on the left side, but went to the right side also and is there again this morning, which is making me think something is getting worse.  But every time I go into a doctor or the ER, they find small stuff and shrug it off and act like I am making this up, which makes me feel horrible because it really is happening and they are not taking the time to find the problem.  My neurologist had actually said that he didn't want to treat me because he thought it was an anxiety disorder.  I do have anxiety, who doesn't?  I really don't believe that is what it is because I am a pretty calm person, happy and outgoing and on the move doing things and having fum.  I honestly am happy to be traveling to this clinic because I feel like a number right now with my doctors and it is very frustrating! I don't know if this extra information helped you or not, please feel free to ask me any questions because I am just stuck right now! Thank you!
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it is perfectly normal to feel anxiety in your situation, anyone would, unless they're Chuck Norris, Rambo or something.

unfortunately by using Valium you will make it worse, it's the typical bad move triggered by panic and anxiety. like Police told you to freeze, you'd run and they shot you down. well Valium is that kind of move...

you don't have any other choice but to accept the situation, you know you are not making it up you can't expect someone to certify your illness so easily. only read the past 20-30 posts in this group there are so many people with similar symptoms and no explanation.

Don't rush for diagnosis just focus on what the practical issues. you need to find the right Doctor who'll be interested in solving your case, or at least trying to.

the ER doctors were right in a way to act like you are "making it up" because you did not have a medical emergency, whatever your illness was, what brought you there was bad evaluation and consequent anxiety.

I still think Parkinson's is unlikely, there's too much going on. also in the past, hysterectomy, epilepsy, and all the other symptoms that aren't caused by Parkinson's. they've given you Requip only based on some of the symptoms, maybe they're not even sure it's Parkinson they might think it's a psychiatric condition triggering extrapiramidal symptoms which they treat with Requip any ways. moreover it has many side-effects, if it's not really helping there is no reason to take it.

the fact that the WBC would go up for no apparent reason could give a hint, it might something to do with hysterectomy! maybe some abnormal immune response. there are a lot of tests out there you just need to consult the right specialist and check different point of views. a Neurologist might not be enough if the origin of the problem is not Neurological but it's really good that you are going to that clinic and do a full check up while you're off all those drugs.

You could try consult Immunologist and Endocrinologist check your hormones and functionality of hormonal glands.

Your problem is pretty complicated, don't expect to find definitive answers. this makes the Docs a bit uneasy and frustrated, you shouldn't get angry if someone thinks you're crazy. this doesn't mean that you should give in either, keep up the search with calm and organization.

Coincidentally I also have an appointment with the Neurologist at the local University Hospital on June 25th! Good luck with the Detroit clinic, if you feel like it write to me and let me know what they said!
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