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Very unique sensations

I've been having the strangest sensations for many years now.

It starts up out of seemingly nowhere and can continue for up to an hour... If I choose for it to.
I've decided to write about it because I'm experiencing it now, for the first time in months and it has me intrigued.

It begins with all surrounding sounds becoming amplified. Everything I'm hearing has much more presence than it usually would - the tapping of my keyboard as I type; the whirring of the fans in my computer; my own breath, etc.
At the same time however, it all seems partially muffled. Like it's all very imperative, but there's no clarity to any of it. It's just loud noise. Certain sounds seem faster than they should be and repeat themselves. Reverberating.

A strong change in the way I feel, physically, sets in. I gain an overwhelming sense of weight in my body. Of density. Everything from my hands, to my feet feel... Dense. Thick. Heavy. And soft. It's not a numb sensation, but that is the closest thing I can relate to it. When I lift my hand, it feels as though gravity is stronger than it should be. I can move it, but it doesn't feel as if it belongs to me anymore. I feel detached from myself.

My thought process stays intact. I do feel a slightness of fear wash over me when this happens however. This disconnect from reality, a sense of... drifting, is ever present.

If I choose to stand and move around or even willfully try to break from this state, it will usually fade away and things will return to normal.
I think this is what happened the first few occasions when I was younger, as I was probably frightened, but each time it reoccurs I try to understand more about it. Embrace it. It's not a negative feeling, but it is very otherworldly and difficult to comprehend. Something like a cross between daydream and meditation, I like to imagine. So busy and resonant but still, peaceful.

Coming to the end of this topic, I'm slowly emerging from it. I think it has been from all of the thinking and movement of my hands. The best way to study it seems to be by making as little movement as possible and staying calm.

Has anyone experienced this before?

If not, I hope someone finds this an interesting read and I will continue to ponder. Cheers.
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made me think of Derealization don't know if you've heard that before
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I've has sensations of being fuzzy-headed and out of touch. I think it's related to anxiety and a feeling of unreality? just a suggestion.
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It may be a type of seizure. I would see a doctor (maybe neurologist) and/or psychiatrist (I don't think you are crazy just they are good with seizures and brain disorders). I also mentioned a psychiatrist because they will listen to you much longer than a regular doctor and they helped me with a migraine variant when 10 other doctors couldn't figure it out. Are you on any drugs that might give you bad side effects? I was on a pain killer that made me feel like I was outside myself. They can do a brain scan and also an electroencephalogram (EEG) that checks the brain waves to see if you have seizures or something like that. It is not normal and should be checked.
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I had something similar with my hands not feeling like they 'belonged' to me and accompanied by deja vu type feeling...only way I can describe it and it turned out to be temporal lobe epilepsy. I don't know if this feeling is completely different but thought I'd mention it!
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I have heard of derealization and depersonalization, but didn't think the symptoms matched my own closely enough to consider it a possibility.

A seizure? An interesting thought. No, I don't take any meds. I probably will consider seeing a specialist at some point, purely out of curiosity really. I'm not worried about my health. (Yet!)

I guess I experience a sense of déjà vu when it happens too. And the wiki page on that condition seems to be the best match to my symptoms that I've read thus far.

I'm only 20 years old and if there is a possibility of seizures or epilepsy, I suppose I should nip it in the bud.

Thanks for the input all.
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I agree. It could be a seizure with an aura.  You should consult a neurologist

Do you experience a post ichtal state?  Or tiredness after your episodes?

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