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Waking up to pulsing abdomen

For the last year, I have had an intermittent stabbing pain about two finger widths from the left side of my navel.  When it first happened, my husband was driving me home from a regular monthly doc appt.  I thought my aorta was rupturing!  By the time we got close to (a good) hospital, the pain had eased and I felt ok - save for the MAJOR anxiety attack I had in the process.  Since I was feeling better, we took to the net and found TONS of posts about the same symptom...only, no dx's from people - if they ever got them.
But since then, I have noticed an equally intermittent pulsing in my left abdominal area.  My GP and OB/GYN felt nothing during palpation.  Nevertheless, I kind of had to beg my GP to order an ultrasound.  That was done exactly one year ago...AND, it was normal.  The tech said I might need a CT to check my colon.  I have been experiencing periods of constipation, then periods of diarrhea.  I discovered that too much kale or other greens can bring on the episodes of pain and bowel issues (w/nausea and lethargy).
That said, the pulsing stomach thing is still concerning because, especially, I sleep on my stomach and it will wake me up after 6-7 hours of sleep.  I need 9 hours.  I am 40, no kids, I am now on a beta blocker (6 months now) for tachy - not bp, I have an undifferentiated connective tissue disease, and I am 5'2"/107 pnds.  I am quitting smoking - again - and I am less than 5 cigs a day from my max of 11 (since Oct 2013, previously quit 4/5/12).  
I know this is a LOT of info, but I have a LOT of factors that could be contributing andI don't want to paint myself as healthy, so there you are.  I do, however, eat VERY healthy and I do eat meat.  I also do yoga to assist with my joint and muscle issues...but it does not seem to help with this scary pulsing and discomfort next to my navel.  
Any thoughts?
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