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Weird moment that i cannot explain

okay, now this happened probably.. sometime last year. But i never really thought about it, until now. And i have no idea what it could've been. (my memory is a bit fuzzy, so it may not be very detailed)

So pretty much. Out of the blue, i got really dizzy. So i sat down in the chair, but then i suddenly got really cold and warm at the same time. And i was sweating too (cold sweat? i don't know) my eye sight got really blurry and dark and i felt like i was gonna throw up. And on top of that, i was so weak i could barely move. But then in a blink of an eye, it was all gone. As if it was just a dream. And i still don't know what it was.
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Have you been to the doc since then? It could be something as simple as a severe case of "head rush" (a sudden drop in blood pressure usually from standing too quickly or being dehydrated). It could have also been an anxiety episode but hard to say without more information. Glad it hasn't happened since!
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It sounds like you had an episode of vertigo which can come and go for no apparent reason.  Another thing is your blood sugar could have dropped.  When this happens to me I grab a snickers and take an antivert.  Good luck
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i went to the doctors when i got the mumps... but other then that i haven't. And i didn't really mention it to my dad, because it doesn't seem like a big concern.
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