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What causes white circles on tongue?

Here’s my story:
Unprotected sex in june, pain while peeing
Got treated with ciprofloxacine which caused oral trush (albicans: swab confirmed)
I used daktarin oral for a while and a mouth wash prescription with nistatine and prednisolon and hypromellose (stopped treatment 2 months ago, at start my mouth was all white certainly inner linings of cheecks. Everything also inflammation on the back of my throat which was persistent cleared). Now it’s only my tongue when talking about my mouth.
For tested for stds, all negative. Intense bloodwork tests didn’t show anything.
Red, dry and itchy eyes (constantly). Dry skin and itchy feeling. My lips have visible veins when usually nothing shows.
One of my tonsils is swollen lightly from time to time.
I have a few lymph nodes in my nek that sometimes swell and I’m guessing under my armpits too I feel pain sometimes.
In my belly, on the left side from the belly button I feel ache in the morning.
White painful circles come and go on my tongue. At the base of my tongue in the back, the color is different. It was all inflammated for 6 months. Skin kept opening. Now it’s kinda yellow-ish in the back in the sides (not elsewhere).
When the white circles develop, they burn in my tongue. They mostly appear on the sides closer to the tip (in front of the yellow area). Also the tip of my tongue sometimes is very painful. When I bite it, the white circle dissapears and the pain is gone.
It mostly occurs when I sleep. During daytime I feel normal.
When I wake up in the morning I have a bad breath and blood in my mouth.
Since it’s been 8 months I’m struggeling with this, I’ve got myself checked:

- urologist: ok
- lung doctor: ok (rx and ct-scan), only a small not harmfull cyst on my liver
- gastro-enterologist: gastroscopy showed up ok, very mild reflux (which I always had: this is not causing my symptoms)

I have pictures I could share if in any case that could help.
I’m searching for a cure. I’m 100% it is not in my head. I’m a very optimistic person.
Having seen like 10 doctors, I don’t really know what else I could do.
Any advice here would be welcome. I would be very grateful.
Thank you.
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Don't know what you're suffering from or how to fix it, but when you take antibiotics you should also start taking a high quality multi-spectrum probiotic to replace as best as possible the good flora the anibiotic killed off while also treating your infection, assuming you ever had one.  You can also help with this by eating prebiotic foods, such as fermented or cultured foods like pickles and sauerkraut and kim chi.  You might in part be having problems related to a die-off, as many do after taking antibiotics, which can often leave you vulnerable to recurrences and new opportunistic fungal and bacterial infections.
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You find the probiotics in the refrigerated section of the best health food store in your area.
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Forgot to mention: I’m having difficulties making stool (very hard frequently or on rare occasions super loose and greasy like). Not at al normal like used to. Also when I wash myself with my water (public so should be quality monitored) my skin seems to be dryer and way more irritated than with mineral water. Especially mouth and genitals are affected but also dry patches on the rest of my skin.
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