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What could be a possible cause?

Ok for starters I have microscopic blood in urine with no urological reason found.I in the last 5 months have had several fainting and near fainting spells with all cardiac work ups coming back normal tilt table test was normal other then feeling like I was going to faint. Moderate to severe abdominal pain usually after a large or greasy meal.Left eye twitches before and after fainting spells as well as a right sided c-shaped headache that last no more then 20 min and starts behind right eye area.Any help or suggestions would be helpful. Been to a good handful of doctors the last 5 months and no answers.
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Just a suggestion; possibly Lyme Disease? The bladder problems, cardiac issues, fainting (did it start out as dizzy upon standing), the twitching, the headaches, (do you get multiple ones throughout the day? Maybe some around the same times each day?). The abdominal pain, is it below your ribs? Have they done any tests on the gallbladder? Since it’s after greasy or large meals?
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Hello~You probably need to see a neurologist, you may be having a form of epilepsy seizure. Contrary to popular belief, not all seizures are the grand-mal type, they can actually present them-self in many different ways. I would certainly ask you doctor about this.
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Thank you,I am currently set up for an EEG appointment this week. My gallbladder looks fine on ultrasound however my doctor does not want to rule that out because I guess my lipase levels were a bit off during the last two tests she had run. So I will also be getting an appointment set up for a HIDA in the next few days.
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